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^ I can vouch for outlier pants, have 3 pairs and they're great. Using the three way shorts as swimming pants (going to the beach, that stuff) and it's just perfect since it dries really fast- nice if you want to sit on your towel or in the car when you just had a swim. That's some 1st world functionality for you.
Cote et ciel
^ Definitely overpriced, but also very cool stuff.
^ roll
Are these still available on the jp website? Can't find them.
Not extraordinarily. It's one of those brands that base their prices on sales like these.. but it's not a bad deal either.
Interested in a proxy for the CP sale @ News, will pay proper fee..
Since we're talking about N. Hoolywood, are they doing a ma-1 this season? Find their site a little hard to navigate and haven't seen it any at online stockist yet.
Silver > blacked out
This is great. If someone's got a 48 for sale hit me up.
New Posts  All Forums: