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Can't say for sure since I didn't try it on. It's the fabric I'm raving about, really nice feel and drape to it, very luxe.
How can one opt for a 3 zip mdr, the 4zip is superior imo.
Wouldn't sleep on the navy bomber either, handled it and it's truly stunning.
Well, for a cheaper alternative you could buy a pair of 3-eye Dr. Martens and paint the sole black. Not baller-tier but might be what you're looking for. It's not flatsoled like the RW postals though.
^ Lol no
Like the derbies better too but they're pretty much sold out everywhere, doesn't pop up on the marketplace/ebay very often either
Yeah what's up with Topman's prices on the tanks. Some look cool but I've experienced topman to be horrible quality, can;t believe they are selling out vests for 16 pounds ;/
^^^ What are the pants Ambivalence?
^ Ofcourse there are retailers who might go down to 50% on some stuff, but if it's sold out @ the ervell store it can go pretty fast
^ I believe most of the better stuff got sold out at 30% at the Ervell store last seasons
New Posts  All Forums: