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Price drops on everything. W+H sold!
Price drops, except on the Brenire because I consider it a steal- but I didn't want to list higher than previous seller did.
Most items bought from other forum members but they didn’t work out and haven’t been worn since. I’ve overspend a bit as well and was hoping to recoup some of my losses. Items shipped from the Netherlands, prices exclude shipping. PM for questions etc. 1) Ralph Lauren (RRL) olive-grey selvage chambray shirt (size M) - $75 -> $70 -> $65 -> $60 -> $sold 2) Spiewak black Harris Duffle coat (size L) - $100 -> $95 -> $90 -> $85 Great for winter- quite warm. Worn last...
Missed that- sorry
I remember fuji saying that All Saints boots weren't bad quality at all- they're a bit cheaper than RW/etc as well.
Looking at those measurements those don't seem but be true super slim ball huggers.
^^ What's the hoody?
How is the sizing of these new FH Houndstooth compared to previous runs? I'm definitely getting the charcoalXbeige one.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Please recommend a pair of jeans which shall ideally have the following measurements after hot soak and stretching at the waist Waist - 33.5 Front Rise - 11 Back Rise - 15 Thigh - 12.2 Leg Opening 8.3 Check out Samurai 710XX, when you hem them a bit the leg opening will be bigger than the measurements on BiG (as with all jeans that taper knee-down I guess).
Simonuntelder is a top notch seller- recieved my package two days later, shipped internationally! Thanks.
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