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Got 2 outerwear pieces from W+H for trade/sale, a shawl cotton trench coat from a few seasons back and the cotton mac from this season. If anyone has these coats in size medium let me know, the larges are a little too big on me.
Drops, need these gone!
Most items bought from other forum members but they didn't work out and haven't been worn since. I've overspend a bit as well and was hoping to recoup some of my losses. Items shipped from the Netherlands, prices exclude shipping. PM for questions etc. 1) Wings + Horns black shawl trench coat (size L) 9.5/10 - $350 -> $325 -> $310 -> $300 -> $285 Perfect condition, extremely comfy, slim fitting, heavyweight, quilt padded lining, woven leather buttons, comes...
Sorry if this question was asked recently, but will there ever be a restock for the current before dinner shirts in size medium?
I've got a pair of Samurai 710xx in size 34, worn with fades. Incredible denim, just amazing, unfortunately it's too big for me now. If interested let me know.. probably will shoot some pics soon too.
How do the different t-shirts from American Apparel compare? I own a couple of 2001s, but can anyone tell me how they do compare in sizing to the 50/50 poly cotton tees and the triblend tees?
Quote: Originally Posted by obeserabbit measurements on the henleys? This ^^
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace Does not work son. :| This. Unfortunately..
Man how has this still not sold? If it was a little bigger I would get it instantly, colour should look great on dark jeans as well.
Final price drops.
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