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Looking for a pair of navy jeans, not raws/indigo colored, with a tapered/slim leg and preferably a 34+ inseam. I like the look of the FW11 Ervell jeans, but they're nowhere to be found. Any suggestions?
//double post
Is ToJ denim still happening? There was some talk about it a while back.
white cps slim+raw denim white tees toj leather
Try Lyonstate
Interested in a proxy, want the navy or charcoal jeans in 32 and norwegian sweater in m- will pay appropriate fee.
Someone going to the Outlier As Is sale? Let me know, I'm looking for a proxy and will pay an appriopriate proxy fee. Thanks.
Ervell field coat Ervell sweatshirt Ervell knit cap APC western derbies, brown & black
Yeah the slim dungarees are awesome. However, I took a 32 (while I take 32 in jeans as well), which fits good in the waist and slim in the legs (like how the model sized). If someone has a indigo blue in 32 let me know, own the black but unfortunately the 32 has been sold out in blue a long time ago ;/
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