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Studiohomme has all sizes in stock for the OG whites.
This thread inspired me. Going to dye my old pair of all white stan smiths, probably brick red or something. Has anyone tried to soak a white buttondown in red wine and leave it overnight? Could be fun, but it'll probably fade lots on washes though right?
Just got the raglan harrington, in beige- great purchase. If anyone is looking for a good fitting, yet classic jacket to throw on when going out.. look no further. Great price too.
Maison Martin Margiela labels.. what do "comm." "mod." and "tess." mean?
Anyone that's ordering something off Baron Wells would be willing to proxy something for me to Europe? They don't seem to ship international-- I'll compensate you for the trouble & shipping.
^ Looks great, what's the price (going to be) on those desert boots?
^ I inquired them about sizing and they have sizing charts for every single product. Went with size 2 based on those charts and it worked out really well. So if anyone is curious about sizing, just email them as they have sizing charts in .doc or .pdf to send to you.
Would you recommend buying a medium if I wear medium in AA?
I have a pair of navy bush pants in 32, BNWOT, which I sized wrong. If someone wants them for $145 excl. shipping, PM me. Otherwise I would have to return them.
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