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^ I inquired them about sizing and they have sizing charts for every single product. Went with size 2 based on those charts and it worked out really well. So if anyone is curious about sizing, just email them as they have sizing charts in .doc or .pdf to send to you.
Would you recommend buying a medium if I wear medium in AA?
I have a pair of navy bush pants in 32, BNWOT, which I sized wrong. If someone wants them for $145 excl. shipping, PM me. Otherwise I would have to return them.
Can't wait for this one.
I would just say it's an ugly sweater. If it wasn't Jil Sander would we really be discussing this?
I still need a pair of navy chino shorts in my wardrobe. Anyone know where I can find a nice one that's on final sale (sz 32)?
Where is this dark corner you speak about?
Hey, check this out, 50% off as well no problem. https://lyonstate.com/designers/apc.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=yagendoo_VaMazing_2.tpl&product_id=53&category_id=4
New Posts  All Forums: