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Can't you just have a tailor close the pleat all the way down, making it look similar to BoO? Should slim them a bit too right?
Hare has a pretty nice looking bag on sale ($62), too bad shipping is going to be too substantial for proxying. http://www.point.jp/hare/product/Ite...?itemCd=470184
Any recommendations for slim wool trousers?
Yea, I bought an oxblood off him about a year ago, and I've worn it the most of all my belts. Still holding strong and looking beautiful, simply a great colour for pretty much any colour jeans, blue, black or grey. Definitely recommend.
W+H mac gone. W+H trench & Brenire knit left--- Drops
Thanks for the code. My order for the summer achilles just got accepted.. Nice.
Size 1 or 2 on a 38" chest, 6ft?
Spiewak and BoO sold. W+H mac on hold. Final drop on W+H trench. Can't really let the W+H trench and Brenire knit go for less than this.
Updated and drops!
Any (cheaper) suggestions for a simple white summer sneaker with gum sole, like these CPs?
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