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I like the kimmel x carhartt red/black flannel, got it for half off and it's pretty nice. Size down a size though.
Anyone here handled both the SS11 canvas and current season melton wool macs that is able to tell me if the melton wool macs are the same dimensions as the canvas ones? The canvas one fits me well but I wouldn't layer a thick knit under it- something I'd like to be able to in winter. Should I size up or is layering accomodated for in the construction of the wool ones?
Anyone handled the Uniqlo +j one? Love to hear some experiences with that one.
I know this has been asked before but I'm really interested in some info about the winter coats. It's almost november, include at least a month waiting time from order to delivery and we're in 2012. I've tucked money away for a ToJ fishtail or any of the new style(s?) but right now I'm in doubt whether I should wait or go for a coat somewhere else.
Any recommendations for a winterproof M-65 coat?
SS11 navy vintage lows, yes, own them too, looks great with raw denim indeed.
TOJ Mac.. yes I'd buy that.
Looks good, where can I buy this?
SNS Kimmel x carhartt Outlier pants
Any recommendations for knitwear a la W+H and reigning champs, but with longer body lengths?
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