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It looks really similar to a coat I sold almost a year ago from AW12.https://www.grilled.com/listings/263604-Stephan-Schneider-AW12-Topcoat-brown---Sz4
Hey guys. Another sizing question (sorry!). I own a lot of different CP's (Achilles, 3hole, Derby Shine, Bball high) and have the same size in all of them; except for Bball High (I sized down on those). Anyone that has experience with Cadet Derbies? How do they fit compared to Achilles/Derby Shine? Thanks
Does anyone over here have experience with Clarks? I found some clean side zips that might be worth a try at 120 euros.
Tres Bien Store
How's the sizing on this season's CP combat boots compared with CP achilles?? -- already found my answer... sorry, didn't read the posts on this page -.-
How is CP combat boots sizing compared with CP achilles??
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