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I would go down 1 size. Own CP BBall whites from about 3 seasons back. My CP size in achilles is 46, but got 45 in those. Forgot about sizing down and bought CP Bball black/white from last summer in 46 and they were too big for me. (up for sale in gr@iled)So next time I'm buying CP Bball, I'm definitely sizing down.
I was told by a Schneider employee that the Alpaca in Moss green was a South Willard exclusive and there are only like 3 in each size.
I would go for black if you're only going to wear them on raw denim. Blue could be more versatile though if you are planning to wear it on a black pair of jeans as well, which I myself like to do with my Olive colored Stark.
God damnit... Couldn't resistBut seriously, thank you though
Schneider SS16 pre-order at cruvoir. Only 6 items yet though.
Price dropped.
Another price drop! Get this at a steal... 160 dollars for a brand new Schneider Jacket...
Got a code for a friend for 25% off at Tres Bien Store before the summer sale starts. Code: PRE-SALE-M5XJS. (valid from June 11 at noon CET until June 23)
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