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Ask my facebook friends— I am the picture of health.
Fish sticks come from somewhere other than a store? This is an ACTUAL THRILLING PHOTOGRAPH from my facebook account:My sister complained about my predilection for Lean Cuisines by saying they're "processed". I said I didn't know what that means, and she readily fessed up that she didn't, either.(BTW, that photo's a year old. I eliminated a good deal of that stuff when I tried cutting for summer.)
Actually, the left half is pretty accurate in my case, but then, as Kira says. my idea of eating out is maybe getting a $4.00 footlong and smoothie at Sheetz once every few months.
Oh, sorry, I misread the second "hit" as another "hit on". Yeah, maybe he did have that coming.
That hardly seems fair.
Sandra Bullock >>>>> This woman.It's mostly 5-percenter argot. Cliffs notes version: They don't much care for those white devils, nosiree!
So yeah, this is happening on my facebook wall…
The Venus Project is intertwined with The Zeitgeist Movement. That's all you need to know about that.
Paging Gibonius. Gibonius to the white courtesy phone.
For some reason, everybody involved with the ice bucket challenge insists of calling it ALS rather than its more recognizable demotic name of Lou Gehrig's Disease, famously had by Stephen Hawking and… well… Lou Gehrig.(Obligatory hack joke: "Lou Gehrig died of Lou Gehrig's disease. How did they not see that coming!")
New Posts  All Forums: