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Um, okay, I think mulatto couponer bikini girl might have made her first major misstep.
So you're the smallest they've ever seen?I mean, we're talking about penises right?So if no woman has ever told you "I've seen smaller", that must mean you have the smallest penis they've ever seen.And we're not talking about just one woman here, we're talking about every woman who's seen your penis, correct?I guess what I'm trying to say here, of all the penises ever seen by all the women who have ever seen your penis, your penis is the smallest. Am I correct in my...
I actually messaged her about this when you brought it up the first time a few months ago. I told her that a corpulent Canadian big-timer on a men's clothing forum appreciates her pictures, and she expressed great interest in meeting you- I believe "I will give my body freely to him" was the exact expression she used- but then- whoosh!- I forgot all about it! I'm such a scatterbrain lol rite!Well she's married now, so to help assuage your rueful feelings of lost love- and...
Not true! Most of my facebook friends are random hot girls who, as a whole, seem not to be racked by the same insecurities that compel others to look like idiots in their failed attempts to look smart. Pio's favorite mulatto / couponer / bikini girl, for instance, is a constant delight, and consistently posts some of the most thoughtful content on my newsfeed. Teh Dumb, on the other hand, comes overwhelmingly from the grubby male contingent of bedroom DJs and the dregs of...
Ask my facebook friends— I am the picture of health.
Fish sticks come from somewhere other than a store? This is an ACTUAL THRILLING PHOTOGRAPH from my facebook account:My sister complained about my predilection for Lean Cuisines by saying they're "processed". I said I didn't know what that means, and she readily fessed up that she didn't, either.(BTW, that photo's a year old. I eliminated a good deal of that stuff when I tried cutting for summer.)
Actually, the left half is pretty accurate in my case, but then, as Kira says. my idea of eating out is maybe getting a $4.00 footlong and smoothie at Sheetz once every few months.
Oh, sorry, I misread the second "hit" as another "hit on". Yeah, maybe he did have that coming.
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