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I've been accused of wearing too-tight shirts before, but at least they were t-shirts that were designed to stretch. This, on the other hand, looks like it's cutting off your circulation. Your co-workers are right to mock you.
Well this is certainly a better lighting situation than my apartment. The jeans are more of a desaturated olive than the army green you see here. Theory x Levis x Paul Smith
Definitely time for Wapner.
It annoyed me to no end that Shallow Hal didn't just take off with Brooke Burns.
It most certainly does not!
The family that stares into the abyss together, stays together.
Anyone else getting these "I'm So [Insert City Name]" hashtags? Typical entry— "I'm so Greensboro I'm black, or obese, or both."
Steel yourself for the imminent tagutbombing of "These are fake, right?"
This guy's actually stuck around for a few posts. Normally facebook atheists just post dumb meme graphics from reddit in the hopes that someone is going to think they're smart, but scuttle away like kicked cats as soon as they're challenged. This guy, on the other hand, has taken the spectacular gambit of proclaiming the virtues of science on one hand, and accusing religious people of being "sheep" on the other. Curses!— I've been stymied!The books are the usual suspects...
With all the effort that person put into drawing that cartoon, you might think he would at least try to do a little research on whether any great contingent of people in the 15th Century doubted the Earth was round, or whether anyone in any era doubted gravity existed.An unfunny comedian on my friends list has been making bothersome and increasing insistent attempts to try to appear smart.
New Posts  All Forums: