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Holy crap. Is this the real world?http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2506036/Lululemon-boss-apologizes-saying-fat-thighs-yoga-pants-through.html
FantaCity. I used to stomp around this place when it was the abandoned husk of Guilford Mills. Gucci, Levi's, Paul Smith
She sounds like the kind of girl who finds the sex symbol status of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian especially vindicatory for "girls with curves", despite the fact she has folds, not curves.Yeah, but… does she believe in science?
Hey, as long as Pio doesn't mind being MAFPD's cave bitch, who am I to judge?
Actually, I know three. Don't forget about Wayne.
Oh dear Lord no. Middle-Age 5-Percenter D00d and Hawt Coupon Bikini Gurl couldn't be further apart in either appearance or belief system. But I guess all black people are the same to you, right?
Can you guess who posted this?Somehow, the "point" of the graphic, such as it is, is lost on everyone posting comments, who are instead focusing on how the "Arab lands" should properly belong to Africa.
Is my girlfriend a stripper?
A few weeks before the Hollaback video went viral, there was a viral article where a woman described walking past construction sites on purpose to get cat-called.I always assumed the cat-calling construction worker was just some stock character from sexist '50s cartoon strips, like the businessman chasing his bosomy secretary around the desk.
New Posts  All Forums: