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Facebook itself is dumb.
Yes, let's hear more about the surprisingly comprehensive knowledge of superhero comics you managed to glean in your downtime between fucking supermodels.
I'm a pro-life Catholic, bro, the feminists wouldn't accept me even if I wanted to be one of them. It took every ounce of strength I have not to take my observation about disenfranchised losers seeking out iconoclastic positions and turn it into a rant against WoW-playing, Rush-listening internet atheists.
Well, the apologetic explanation for this phenomenon is that attractive people are the beneficiaries of The Status Quo, so they have much less motivation to set themselves in opposition to it, even if The Status Quo is without merit. The flip side is that insecure people often seek out marginal, contrary positions, even if those contrary positions are without merit, just so they can feel like they possess some rare wisdom they can hold over the heads of the society that's...
[Raises fists to sky and shouts in anger.] TAAAATUUMMMMMMMmmmm!!!
I didn't even read it all the way through. When I got to that halfway point where it was clear this was just going to be a laundry list of the author's pet agendas, I skimmed to the end.
My position is that even criticism of fundamentalist religion- even criticism of fundamentalist religion that in other circumstances might be fair- is out of place here.This is what I said in my combox response (that might not have posted, for all I know): "His flimsy, facile reasoning is thus: Dylann Roof shot up a church because of the influence of anti-intellectual and irrationalism in society, and what is intellectual and rational is (naturally) everything else David...
Oh, I'm sorry, is Psychology Today accepting submissions from high school newspapers these days? Here, let's exploit this tragedy to advance all our other pet agendas that have absolutely nothing to do with it! Dylann Roof shot up a church because of… uh… inadequate sex education! Oh yeah, and RELIJUHN!!!!1!— a word that triggers a fittingly Pavlovian reaction in a very vocal demographic of morons.(Note: Due to my use of the word "Pavlovian", this response has more...
Two people in my friends list shared this. Can someone please explain the joke to me please?
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