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This moron exhausts me, and is gross.
There is 0 chance this guy has a philosophy degree, or has even read a vaguely philosophyish book. At most, he's read the first chapters of "The Grand Design" and "A Universe From Nothing".
Sometimes internet atheists send me friend requests! While most internet atheists stick to a handful of safe, staid bromides, at least this guy is striking out brave new paths in nonsense……nonsense that still manages to be insufferably boring.
It could be worse— you could be on the '90s nostalgia cruise with Sugar Ray and Smashmouth.edit: I actually posted that before I read this:Are you sure they weren't just Smashmouth?
I'm confused, are the anti-vaxxers completely non-overlapping with the Trump/Obama supporters? Are they all Bernie Sanders supporters?
Oooh ooh ooh... I know this... they both had vice presidents named Johnson, right?
More typically, I find, there is some sort of pre-emptive apothegm about true beauty coming from the inside accompanying a self-consciously sexy photo.
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