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A few weeks before the Hollaback video went viral, there was a viral article where a woman described walking past construction sites on purpose to get cat-called.I always assumed the cat-calling construction worker was just some stock character from sexist '50s cartoon strips, like the businessman chasing his bosomy secretary around the desk.
I wish I could find the video clip on the internet, but back in the early aughts when Gwenyth Paltrow wore a fat suit through the city streets and tearfully reported on how everyone avoided looking at her, Rachel Dratch had a segment on Weekend Update where she did the same thing, only she ended up getting more attention from black guys craning their necks and going, "DAAAYYUUMM."
Ha! Isn'tthat the truth!
BTW, When Raj on The Big Bang Theory said, "Stick with Hannah Montana until season two, because the show was really still finding itself in that first season," I thought of you.
Or, as you guys call them in Canada, "Dave and Bob".
No, but I smuggled some Steel Reserves in my jeans.Is this the one movie black people don't talk through?
The five-percenter has a new favorite movie. Sixteen dollars.
If this were Usenet in 1997, I'd be deathly afraid I was being meta-trolled right here.
This is why y'alls need to follow I Feel Fucking Indifferent Towards Science.
It doesn't matter if they know very little about science, the important thing is that they say they believe in science. Like the widow with her two mites, all that is required is that you pledge with everything you have.Years ago, I knew a fat fuck who tried to bolster his wounded fat-fuck ego by setting himself against everything he saw as being of a piece with middle-American sheeple complacency. He was always singing the praises of Noam Chomsky, and was an ardent 9/11...
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