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Why was the Trayvon Martin-related meme graphic I posted in "Things your dumb friend post on facebook" deleted? The fact that I posted it as a thing my dumb friend posted on facebook should absolve me of any ill intention!
Maybe he's just checking to see if his photos of the plating came out alright as well.
Might wanna invest in some retractable pens while you're at it.
Why is it that girls whose jobs involve making sexual objects of themselves are usually the most insistently religious facebook friends? I don't have a problem with it, obviously, as I enjoy leering as much as the next shitbag Christian, it just intrigues me as a phenomenon. Perhaps these behaviors are congruent with an attitude of self-broadcasting, of wearing everything on your proverbial sleeve, or perhaps it's just that hot girls have simply never had the experience of...
After I got the number I tried calling her a few times, and every time she said she was too shit-faced drunk to do anything. She's a complete walking disaster. A few months ago she got pregnant, and- oh no- lost the baby, and then went on an insouciant drinking binge. I prefer not even to think about the circumstances of her miscarriage.
As I said, this isn't anything out of the blue, it's entirely consistent with her past facebook behavior.When I did actually meet her that one time, she told me, "I'm going to go fly out to Las Vegas and become a porn star! " while pumping her fists in the air with glee. It was the one time in my life when I truly made the "NOT SURE IF SRS" face.
I don't even know why I'm singling this comment out, this chick has been a turboslut trainwreck for as long as she's been my facebook friend.The punchline is: I have her phone number. She forced it on me last year when I passed by her flat iron kiosk at the mall.
Edward Snowden is the Jesus of Libertarians?
Yeah, but then she'd have to use the Egyptian hieroglyphic ISO characters, and those are up where the totient-function symbols and fez-wearing snowmen are.Plus, a good portion of Heracleion's history extends past antiquity, but I assume this is a detail that would be lost on her.
New Posts  All Forums: