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Doing some drunken wikipedia "research"… apparently, a naturalistic, humanistic self-empowerment program is what the 5% Nation of Islam is (as long as you're not white.)
This guy was a regular at drum 'n' bass events in Greensboro a few years ago, and on the forum of the now-cybersquatted ncdnb.com, where his screen-name was "Allah". I think I may have already posted an earlier status by him where he get terribly upset by people who call Egypt "Egypt" rather than "Kemet",– which, incidentally, was the name of an influential '90s jungle label.Was there a thread of black militancy running through '90s jungle? I really plead ignorance....
From one of the non-hot FB friends, and one of the reasons I'm strongly considering turning my FB news feed completely into a soft-porn tumblr.
Well she already posted a picture of herself wearing a sheer, wet, drapey t-shirt, so I'm sure there's more to come. I'll be sure to post them here to prove that my facebook friends are hotter than yours.
Coupon girl has scheduled a Brazilian wax. This is a hopeful sign.
Well she does give the best distraught-face in the biz. She brought the cell phone prop to the audition— that was her idea! The Illuminati smiles upon puppets who take initiative.
Geez, talk about your bad luck!
Hell, when Whitney Houston landed in Israel, she kissed the ground and said she was finally home.I leave the debunking of the no-doubt-eminently-debunkable claims of this article to others more knowledgable (er… Globetrotter?) but geez, what atrocious writing. I had to re-read every sentence three times.
She looks a little like my mom. [[SPOILER]]
Conne needed someone to photoshop Eleanor Clift onto his body so he could jerk off to himself? I'm assuming this was before he discovered Rachel Maddow.
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