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I seriously doubt Neo has any capacity for- or interest in- doctrinal debate. His interest in your premarital sex life is purely leering.
…and then put it through a Super Sloppy Double Dare obstacle course in Frank Gehry's Seattle Rock 'n' Roll museum.The fact that a limited-edition-of-100 is being sold for less than half its purchase price is a pretty good indication that someone's discernment failed them.
Please read back over the last three pages. Someone indeed jumped in on a tangential reference to relijuhn, and 'twarn't me!Back on track, this is from one of the def-would-smah bikini chicks I've posted before in this threak:
So tell me Fang, what books have you read about the historicity of Jesus? What kind of scholarship are you familiar with?
Yeah, I mean, if only we had mutually corroborative biographies, personal communications, and references by historians, that would all be super helpful, wouldn't it? Alas…Apparently the endings of words also got thrown out to clear up space on the mental hard drive.
Lucky for you, you can just masturbate in front of a full-length mirror.
You and I, we are much alike.
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