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Has NASA now outsourced their media relations office to a Japanese technical writing firm?
I think I may have, on occasion, mentioned the complete basketcase who tried to recruit me as a wingman a few years ago. He was a fairly successful computer programmer, and was one of only two people I knew who had any real money (the other being a caucasian player for a Taiwanese baseball team who also mistakenly believed I'd be a valuable asset as a wingman.) He'd take me out to clubs and let me buy drinks off his tab all night, while he only drank water. He was as...
Don't worry, I'll fix that.
Funny, my measurements are almost exactly the same— 30" inseam, 5'8.5", 179.I'll be frank here: You look like a big black blob. The whole "point" of allblackerrthang is to foreground things like fit and silhouette, and the sad fact of life is that experimental, loosey-goosey here, ultra-tight there silhouettes are meant for the tall and slender. Without that silhouette locked in place, all-black just comes off as a crutch for the unimaginative, people unsure of their...
The stance wouldn't be so bad if the pants weren't so excessively slim. They're giving you a bad case of Satan-leg.
Homeless Baller Legoman. Volcom • J. Lindeberg • CK Jeans • Simon Spurr • Paul Smith
A model just messaged me looking to score molly.
True Fact: Last Sunday I happened to be playing pool against a girl whom I remembered had once said something on Facebook about Wayne owing her money. I asked her about this, and the first words out of her mouth were, "Wayne Jumper? Fuck that guy."
Don't feel too bad. A few weeks ago- long, long after he would have been even remotely topical- whilst alone in my apartment, I was basically incapacitated by laughter just thinking about Anthony Weiner. I mean, his name is Weiner, for heaven's sake!
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