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Funny, my measurements are almost exactly the same— 30" inseam, 5'8.5", 179.I'll be frank here: You look like a big black blob. The whole "point" of allblackerrthang is to foreground things like fit and silhouette, and the sad fact of life is that experimental, loosey-goosey here, ultra-tight there silhouettes are meant for the tall and slender. Without that silhouette locked in place, all-black just comes off as a crutch for the unimaginative, people unsure of their...
The stance wouldn't be so bad if the pants weren't so excessively slim. They're giving you a bad case of Satan-leg.
Homeless Baller Legoman. Volcom • J. Lindeberg • CK Jeans • Simon Spurr • Paul Smith
A model just messaged me looking to score molly.
True Fact: Last Sunday I happened to be playing pool against a girl whom I remembered had once said something on Facebook about Wayne owing her money. I asked her about this, and the first words out of her mouth were, "Wayne Jumper? Fuck that guy."
Don't feel too bad. A few weeks ago- long, long after he would have been even remotely topical- whilst alone in my apartment, I was basically incapacitated by laughter just thinking about Anthony Weiner. I mean, his name is Weiner, for heaven's sake!
Well, it's a one-panel comic, and some people don't seem to understand that the purpose of them is to be humorous.
Fun fact: This is the original internet meme, started on the Apple ][e.
Wrong threak, dumbass.
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