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The more disturbing implication is that they will never be that happy again, at least as long as they're with you. The lessened state of happiness you drag them down to becomes the limiting factor for all time. You both can only get progressively less and less happy in a sort of three-legged race to ultimate ruin. Boy, marriage sure sounds like a drag!
Buh? How does this work? I'm reminded of those game-theory thought experiments where the individuals in a group have to guess half the average of everybody's guesses, and so the average asymptotically approaches zero.I think she's ready for teh tagutpeen.
Congratulations on being so accepting of the sexuality of your gay toddler!I wonder if the lilac-colored walls had anything to do with it, or if someone just adjusted the hue slider.
Well, also so they can clobber visitors to their home over the head with it as well, apparently.That wall decal reminds me of one of Conan O'Brien's old "alternative cable channels" segments, where one of the channels was "Places I've Never Had Sex", which was just a guy standing in front of a map, pointing out all the places he's never had sex.
Wow, Dick Sutphen is HOT!
It's Bejeweled Blitz for Babies. I seriously don't understand how any adult could find the patience to play this ersatz, coddling, Teletubbies version when Bejeweled gives you the undeniable satisfaction of making shit blow up real good.
I'm always mystified at how so many meme graphics are so low-quality (some look like they've been put through five generations of saving at the absolute lowest JPEG quality) but here it actually looks like someone took a photo of a meme graphic on their computer screen and reposted a cropped version. Do they not know how copying/pasting URLs works?
I wonder how Miranda Lambert would feel knowing this was posted by "American White History Month". Let's see… using "less" for a countable noun, inappropriate possessive apostrophe, and Comic Sans… it's a hat trick!
Obviously, I have some designs on her (that, in all likelihood, I'll never get a chance to act upon,) but there might be something to this:DAMN YOU NICK!
The inspiring story of one girl's heroic stand against internetretardatheists!Also, she has fantastic tits, so factor that into your mental movie.
New Posts  All Forums: