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In a heartbeat. Obviously, i wasn't holding that up as something dumb, I was holding it up as a positive, uplifting example of facebook-done-right. If we could all be more like Raleighwood go-go dancers, the world would truly be a better place.
Somehow, I think Piobaire would appreciate this:She works as a promotions girl for a "Girls Gone Wild"-type company that goes from bar to bar, inducing drunk girls to show their tits and lick whipped cream off each other.So yeah, she's pretty much my dream girl.
This is a friend-of-a-friend I made through my "filmmaking" contacts. I was supposed to start making hip-hop beats for him if I wasn't completely out of commission in that regard as well. Now I honestly don't know if I could do any business with him in good faith, since his statuses are a perpetual embarrassment.
This is the church girl from earlier. Over the past few weeks she's continually plastered facebook with painfully forthright macro graphics shared from a seemingly endless supply of facebook groups whose very names forthrightly describe the state of her crumbling relationship at that moment.The need for all this howling over lost love mystifies me, honestly. Just take the tagutpeen and the skies will open up for you.
The more disturbing implication is that they will never be that happy again, at least as long as they're with you. The lessened state of happiness you drag them down to becomes the limiting factor for all time. You both can only get progressively less and less happy in a sort of three-legged race to ultimate ruin. Boy, marriage sure sounds like a drag!
Buh? How does this work? I'm reminded of those game-theory thought experiments where the individuals in a group have to guess half the average of everybody's guesses, and so the average asymptotically approaches zero.I think she's ready for teh tagutpeen.
Congratulations on being so accepting of the sexuality of your gay toddler!I wonder if the lilac-colored walls had anything to do with it, or if someone just adjusted the hue slider.
Well, also so they can clobber visitors to their home over the head with it as well, apparently.That wall decal reminds me of one of Conan O'Brien's old "alternative cable channels" segments, where one of the channels was "Places I've Never Had Sex", which was just a guy standing in front of a map, pointing out all the places he's never had sex.
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