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I've been seeing this on the internet for years, and I still whip out the same canned response, "My name in English is Robert. My name in Japanese is also Robert— or, I suppose, Wob-buhht."Can anyone tell me what, if anything, this is supposed to be?
Wasn't there a survey done where they found that Native Americans were even less concerned about the putative racial epithet "Redskins" than white people?
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Ugh. Can anyone actually get all the way through this crap?The Yakov Smirnoffization of relationship platitudes continues unabated.
Trying to do something a little different and Christmassy. I still think I'm not tall and/or skinny enough for the tucked-in look. Polo American Apparel American Eagle (only brown belt I had) Simon Spurr Paul Smith
Yeah, I mean, if it quacks like a d…BLAM!
Considering that Neo has previously stated that he doesn't have a facebook page, it would kind of have to be a euphemism, wouldn't it?
I seriously doubt Neo has any capacity for- or interest in- doctrinal debate. His interest in your premarital sex life is purely leering.
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