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Ghandi : Hitler :: Tagut : Lasbar !?!Why would you not choose a poster more dissimilar to me, like Eason or Douglas?
Uh… no, it's not.
Just the idea of chewing ice makes me wince.
Awww, this warms my heart. Wait.. you're one of the asian guys, right?
Available for purchase at! Do the people who make this stuff really believe in it, or is it just a cynical cash-grab?
You never friended me in the first place. Do I have to dig out that skype handle I never used?
That's 26 people for me. Incidentally, I have 36 friends who actually liked Stepbrothers!
I didn't get the sense it was trolling, but I did get the distinct sense I was watching something I shouldn't be watching and would be deathly afraid to mock, like a video project for a special kids' camp.
Doing some drunken wikipedia "research"… apparently, a naturalistic, humanistic self-empowerment program is what the 5% Nation of Islam is (as long as you're not white.)
This guy was a regular at drum 'n' bass events in Greensboro a few years ago, and on the forum of the now-cybersquatted, where his screen-name was "Allah". I think I may have already posted an earlier status by him where he get terribly upset by people who call Egypt "Egypt" rather than "Kemet",– which, incidentally, was the name of an influential '90s jungle label.Was there a thread of black militancy running through '90s jungle? I really plead ignorance....
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