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It's 1 PM and you're only on your first martini? I am disappoint.
A local DJ named DJ 3rd Eye has been using this signature hand gesture for about a year now. I recently brought his attention to this promo photo for Pharrell Williams' Uniqlo collab: He's now attacking Pharrell on his twitter: I'm facebooking my way into pop culture!
As a key member of the Inner Circle, I demand you horny nerds back the fuck off. Even if you do succeed in trolling her, she still wins, because she's better looking than you vile cretins.
We're totally facebook friends, although I've never met her. I do suspect we go to the same gym, however.
Sorry, this is the best I can do right now, but Summer is coming. She's posting less couponing stuff, however. [[SPOILER]]
I suspect there's some fine print in this offer.
Ghandi : Hitler :: Tagut : Lasbar !?!Why would you not choose a poster more dissimilar to me, like Eason or Douglas?
Uh… no, it's not.
Just the idea of chewing ice makes me wince.
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