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Yeah, I mean, if only we had mutually corroborative biographies, personal communications, and references by historians, that would all be super helpful, wouldn't it? Alas…Apparently the endings of words also got thrown out to clear up space on the mental hard drive.
Lucky for you, you can just masturbate in front of a full-length mirror.
You and I, we are much alike.
This is a brick wall I always hit with idiots who claim Jesus never existed (LOL SANTA CLAUS EASTER BUNNY LOL!!11) They're sure it's an historical consensus that He didn't because they saw some dumb YouTube video or blog post saying so, and then when you try to throw some actual scholarship at them, they brush it off under the limp pretext that those sources are "biased". It's a thoroughly irrational conspiracy-theory mindset where any contradictory evidence must be...
Well then I guess that makes me your man, Christina!
Which came first? Perhaps the princess one was FTFY-ing this.
I must find this male porn star who's never given a blow job and have a photo taken of me giving him an awkward, puckered kiss so at last my parents will have something to display alongside the framed grip-and-grin portrait of my older brother with Rudy Giuliani.This may be the world's most naive question, but if kisses with porn stars are for sale, is everything else negotiable too? Is that in fact the entire purpose of these porn star tours?
Has NASA now outsourced their media relations office to a Japanese technical writing firm?
New Posts  All Forums: