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"An Engineer Explains Why You Should Always Order the Larger Pizza"(…I hope you're sitting down right now, folks…)It's because the area of a pizza… [[SPOILER]] If you need an engineer to explain seventh-grade geometry to you, what the fuck am I doing slinging pumpkins in a pumpkin patch?
Indeed, she's a couponer… not a super-couponer, mind you, she's not quite at that level yet.This is what I fear. Who knows, maybe there will be more bikini pics forthcoming this summer. I really do think she's astoundingly cute/hot, and not just by Greensboro standards.
Remember this girl?Well this is what she's been posting recently…
Trust me, I know. As much as people think of me as an anti-atheist kook, I believe being a smart atheist is, in principle, the easiest thing in the world— all you have to do is say, "I haven't seen any compelling reason to believe in God, so therefore I choose not to." For some reason, however, seemingly no atheists choose this easy way out, and instead insist on trying to make an affirmative case for atheism as a rationally-superior position that is somehow recommended by...
A friend of his leapt to his defense, citing the etymology for 'pagan' given in Merriam-Webster's elementary-school-level Word Central website (I'm assuming because it's the only available online definition that doesn't mention anything about polytheism,) and concluded with, "So....the original meaning of pagan was 'a person in a village or rural area.' Christians evolved it to mean heathen or non-religious person." I'm still not sure how this is supposed to prove that his...
Oh, but I do!
I've been seeing this on the internet for years, and I still whip out the same canned response, "My name in English is Robert. My name in Japanese is also Robert— or, I suppose, Wob-buhht."Can anyone tell me what, if anything, this is supposed to be?
Wasn't there a survey done where they found that Native Americans were even less concerned about the putative racial epithet "Redskins" than white people?
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