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*sniff*, that Ayn Rand certainly had a way with words.
It's almost as if- *gasp*- LIFE'S NOT FAIR!
They have a Godly relationship, and they like it when you watch. (The girl who posted this is beyond white.)
The Hitler is what gets me. Whether invoked ironically or earnestly, Hitler has to land on the downbeat. If there is a list, he must come at the top or the bottom, or both, not somewhere in the middle, and his graven image must fucking slap you in your face, not be relegated to a tiny little vignetted icon.
I'm not even sure what's supposed to be a joke and what's supposed to be serious these days.
Car-selfie day, apparently.
Not until you master the less/fewer distinction.Incidentally, is that his target body he has framed in his bathroom?
I would have thought this would at least be the federal minimum wage in the People's Republic of Canuckistan.I'm definitely moving in with you, then. $15 is more than twice what my last job paid.
Condolences to the unemployed trying to grasp onto the lowest rung of employment.
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