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Yes, my joke was rife with implications of boylove, although I was afraid it was already sufficiently implied in your joke.
I think Neo does a lot of things in the ancient Greek way.
Are we still a thing? That does my heart good. I was worried you were "so totes over me" (is that how 19-year-olds these days talk?)I don't know what it means either, but it sounds incredibly filthy.
Sounds like Neknominating in its incipient stage.
Being skeptical (in the lowercase-'s' sense) and being an atheist are two different things. With both internet atheists and peudoscience enthusiasts, I believe there's significant overlap with the set of people who uncritically believe random things they read on the internet— particularly if those random things have the lustre of being forbidden wisdom. I had upbraided a guy who posted a Jesus-is-based-on-Horus "infographic" a while back, and hadn't seen anything from him...
I enjoy the mental image of the good doctor John McDougall rocking nervously back and forth in a chair as he says that.
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