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She looks a little like my mom. [[SPOILER]]
Conne needed someone to photoshop Eleanor Clift onto his body so he could jerk off to himself? I'm assuming this was before he discovered Rachel Maddow.
The eighth one brought me to tears!
Good. I should have phased out all my real-world contacts by then. It will just be a wall of 3D bewbs.
Don't worry, Luciana, I have brains enough for both of us.
Yes, my joke was rife with implications of boylove, although I was afraid it was already sufficiently implied in your joke.
I think Neo does a lot of things in the ancient Greek way.
Are we still a thing? That does my heart good. I was worried you were "so totes over me" (is that how 19-year-olds these days talk?)I don't know what it means either, but it sounds incredibly filthy.
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