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Don't feel too bad. A few weeks ago- long, long after he would have been even remotely topical- whilst alone in my apartment, I was basically incapacitated by laughter just thinking about Anthony Weiner. I mean, his name is Weiner, for heaven's sake!
Well, it's a one-panel comic, and some people don't seem to understand that the purpose of them is to be humorous.
Fun fact: This is the original internet meme, started on the Apple ][e.
Wrong threak, dumbass.
I am by no means an arch-skeptic. Yeah, there's a cold-reading default script vague enough to describe practically everyone ("I sometimes feel reserved in social situations, but I open up around close friends…") but in this case the personality test ended up describing practically the opposite of me.Even on the most superficial level, why would my preference for wintry scene of a tree with bare branches indicate that I am "happy and unflappable"?
This is the one I chose:
Some of the hottest girls I know are ratchet. In fact, my facebook dream girl is ratchet.
Update: He just messaged me the address to tonight's party. Tagut's bout to get TURNT UP!
Guess! The! Race!edit: [[SPOILER]]
I'm sure 20 years from now, when the kids currently making wang and azns-rook-arike joaks on the intarwebz are getting into politics, there will already be a tacit Mutually Assured Destruction policy in place preventing anyone from using something a person wrote on the internet against them. We're all pretty much living in glass houses at this point.
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