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Someone jumped on my ass because I noted that this photo, on the cursory inspection we give to most photos on our timeline, looks a tad illicit. It's tilapia, not heroin.
To my endless embarrassment, I answered a Jeopardy question wrong last week when I confused Quantum Leap with Sliders.
A consistent source of income would certainly help, although I'm not sure I'd do things radically different- at least aesthetic-wise- if I had money. In North Carolina, the primary fashion consideration is not sweating balls. For a long time I was hamstrung by lack of footwear that worked well with the jeans I had, but the late additions of the Paul Smith boots and Gucci sneakers helped ameliorate that situation (and at ~$400 each, cost far, far more than a person of my...
I'm not sure what horribly bygone era contrast collar/cuff t-shirts are supposed to date from, or why I should care if it's what I like. The jeans are obviously of markedly inferior quality to my usual WAYWT staples, but I desperately needed a pair of light-wash true-blue jeans to unlock some summery garments I've had sitting around for years (this is how things typically go for me; I buy things and have nothing to pair them with for months or years afterwards.) I...
SF-Unapproved from head (literally) to toe. [[SPOILER]]
Hey, you also have Nelly!
Is there anyone whose soul is stirred by old negro spirituals more than atheistic white liberals?
In fairness, I know from living here that Greensboro is rife with 'a's, just none in its name.
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