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Being skeptical (in the lowercase-'s' sense) and being an atheist are two different things. With both internet atheists and peudoscience enthusiasts, I believe there's significant overlap with the set of people who uncritically believe random things they read on the internet— particularly if those random things have the lustre of being forbidden wisdom. I had upbraided a guy who posted a Jesus-is-based-on-Horus "infographic" a while back, and hadn't seen anything from him...
I enjoy the mental image of the good doctor John McDougall rocking nervously back and forth in a chair as he says that.
It's bound to happen.
R.I.P. My boner.
I remember a review that said that scene managed to break all known laws of physics in 5 minutes.For a film series with five installments, Final Destination was remarkably uninterested in exploring its own premises. Sometimes there was an unseen hand nudging things around to set the mousetrap in motion, most of the time it just appeared to be a stroke of horrendous luck— in either case, nobody really cares so long as it ends with a cool-looking dismemberment. There was...
From the same guy who sheepishly liked all the posts directed against me in that internet atheist thread, and who posted "An Engineer Explains Why You Should Always Order the Larger Pizza", comes this…The corpse of William McKinley begs to disagree.Considering that anarchists consider that aggression has already been initiated in the forms of all existing authority, that last sentence doesn't really count for much.
…not to mention the entirely likely possibility that restaurant pizza at its cheapest is still more expensive than what you'd be eating at home anyway.
"An Engineer Explains Why You Should Always Order the Larger Pizza"(…I hope you're sitting down right now, folks…)It's because the area of a pizza… [[SPOILER]] If you need an engineer to explain seventh-grade geometry to you, what the fuck am I doing slinging pumpkins in a pumpkin patch?
Indeed, she's a couponer… not a super-couponer, mind you, she's not quite at that level yet.This is what I fear. Who knows, maybe there will be more bikini pics forthcoming this summer. I really do think she's astoundingly cute/hot, and not just by Greensboro standards.
New Posts  All Forums: