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With all the effort that person put into drawing that cartoon, you might think he would at least try to do a little research on whether any great contingent of people in the 15th Century doubted the Earth was round, or whether anyone in any era doubted gravity existed.An unfunny comedian on my friends list has been making bothersome and increasing insistent attempts to try to appear smart.
Was this written by a six-year-old?
Maybe it's just my unfamiliarity with the visual grammar of long-form comics (hey, I usually skim over "Non Sequitur",) but I found that extremely difficult to understand.edit: I found a whole page of this crap: would have much more depth and resonance if the protagonist were Cathy, and every time she saw the mountain before her, she went "AAAACK!"
Well, she's medicore by the standards of tagut's friends list, but I'D HIT IT!!! Speaking of my friends list, Super-Couponer Bikini Girl seems to have deleted/deactivated her account!
• New haircut! Hey! • NOOOOOO! • GAAAAAAH! • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHYYYY?????
Wait… Marilyn Monroe memes are popular even in the third world!?!
The statistic about North Carolina having 0 jails is actually not true!
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