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Greensboro is 40% black, so you shall not want for black cock!In any case, only two people in that video are from Greensboro, and they're both extras, and they're not the lithe 18-year-old girls. Take special note at the 1:08 mark.
WHAAAAT!?! When did you emigrate from the Great Godless Worker's Paradise of Canadia to lowly Middle America? We totally need to rock out sometime!
You confound me sometimes, Neo. All the time, actually.Would it be any better if she were from Greensboro? If not, how are we to consummate our love?
In a heartbeat. Obviously, i wasn't holding that up as something dumb, I was holding it up as a positive, uplifting example of facebook-done-right. If we could all be more like Raleighwood go-go dancers, the world would truly be a better place.
Somehow, I think Piobaire would appreciate this:She works as a promotions girl for a "Girls Gone Wild"-type company that goes from bar to bar, inducing drunk girls to show their tits and lick whipped cream off each other.So yeah, she's pretty much my dream girl.
This is a friend-of-a-friend I made through my "filmmaking" contacts. I was supposed to start making hip-hop beats for him if I wasn't completely out of commission in that regard as well. Now I honestly don't know if I could do any business with him in good faith, since his statuses are a perpetual embarrassment.
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