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Paging Gibonius. Gibonius to the white courtesy phone.
For some reason, everybody involved with the ice bucket challenge insists of calling it ALS rather than its more recognizable demotic name of Lou Gehrig's Disease, famously had by Stephen Hawking and… well… Lou Gehrig.(Obligatory hack joke: "Lou Gehrig died of Lou Gehrig's disease. How did they not see that coming!")
Jordan Carver's got involved!I await Wendy Fiore's response with bated breath.
Okay, this is actually pretty funny.
Ummm... Globetrotter?
I actually watched an ice bucket challenge video, when it featured my dream-girl big-boob bartender. My interest in ALS research is peripheral.
I've been accused of wearing too-tight shirts before, but at least they were t-shirts that were designed to stretch. This, on the other hand, looks like it's cutting off your circulation. Your co-workers are right to mock you.
Well this is certainly a better lighting situation than my apartment. The jeans are more of a desaturated olive than the army green you see here. Theory x Levis x Paul Smith
Definitely time for Wapner.
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