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Thus, why I called him an incoherent shithead. At least he's being pithy and incoherent this time, rather than rambling and incoherent.
Incoherent shithead is now trying his hand at inspirational/motivational facebook meme graphics.He has high hopes for the "reward of my promise" apothegm. He told me in no uncertain terms that I was not to steal it!
I guess I'm not from North Carolina then.
At Wyndham, tagging along with my brother, who actually gives a shit about golf.
Oh give me a break.
Trust me, I've already told him of my low opinion of him, and there's nothing I can add to that. The problem for me now is whether to unfriend him. I've already had to delete two of his comments; one that contained a gratuitously repulsive mental image, and the above quoted one where he hurled his logorrheic evacuation over a transcendently intellectual First Things article about Richard Wagner. The thing you must understand is that an antagonistic facebook friendship is a...
I think it's more likely just a reference to Erwin Schrödinger, who had his birthday on August 12th.
This moron exhausts me, and is gross.
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