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Reminds me of this:
It's a stare that's slightly more vacant than the contrail stare.
I think that's Kourtney Kardashian The guy on the right seems to be Thom Yorke.
One of the guys who posted it on my fb feed is actually going to school for engineering!
More importantly, he doesn't seem to understand that Yoda's grammar is supposed to be inverted. That's kinda Yoda's thing.
The inspirational meme graphics didn't pan out, so now he's trying his hand at funny meme graphics.
What my news feed looks like right now:‬So… am I to assume the Panthers are sporting pretty hard?(Note: some of those statuses come from people I would happily boan.)
Well I hope everyone there learned a valuable lesson: You shouldn't horseplay with knives!
Do libtards, at any point, interact with reality?
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