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At Wyndham, tagging along with my brother, who actually gives a shit about golf.
Oh give me a break.
Trust me, I've already told him of my low opinion of him, and there's nothing I can add to that. The problem for me now is whether to unfriend him. I've already had to delete two of his comments; one that contained a gratuitously repulsive mental image, and the above quoted one where he hurled his logorrheic evacuation over a transcendently intellectual First Things article about Richard Wagner. The thing you must understand is that an antagonistic facebook friendship is a...
I think it's more likely just a reference to Erwin Schrödinger, who had his birthday on August 12th.
This moron exhausts me, and is gross.
There is 0 chance this guy has a philosophy degree, or has even read a vaguely philosophyish book. At most, he's read the first chapters of "The Grand Design" and "A Universe From Nothing".
Sometimes internet atheists send me friend requests! While most internet atheists stick to a handful of safe, staid bromides, at least this guy is striking out brave new paths in nonsense……nonsense that still manages to be insufferably boring.
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