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I decided to buy some actual heavy winter gear, in advance of what I correctly predicted to be an uncharacteristically brutal winter. I didn't break the bank, mind you, since the days it'll actually be necessary in NC are pretty rare. Gruesomely unflattering Harris-Teeter bathroom lighting Some garbage TJMaxx t-shirt Hans Kristoff scarf American Eagle jacket (Real goose down puffer for $50. Suck it.) Nudies Black patent leather sherpa-lined Spring Courts (no vis)
One of my facebook friends posted a lengthy, awkward poem titled "The Perfect Girlfriend". I hate to talk crap about him, because he seems like a nice guy, but holy hell was this poem awful. One of the lines was something like, "The perfect girlfriend is one I can take out to lunch." No poem should ever contain the word "lunch".
Sounds like me. I mean, I like coupon gurl's pics, but I did back off a bit after someone messaged me one of the Denise Milani "sexy nurse" pictures I liked and said, "You realize we all can see this, right?"
Hell, Chuck Berry's "Maybelline" is just straight-up country music with a guitar solo. Of course, people who advance the "appropriation" "argument" would argue that the asymmetric power relations between the races means that the exploitation can only possibly run in one direction. But again, it's art, where there are no rules, so who cares? Whose pocket is picked and whose leg is broken by even the most exploitative appropriation? How is the world made any richer when I...
Gurl can get like $67 worth of stuff for like 83¢. She's not dumb. She even boutiques her hauls for our edification!Ah, yes, this is the cultural criticism against "appropriation", which has gained enormous traction among stupid people. Allow me to quote my own facebook post, "NEOLOGISMS THAT MAKE ROB WANT TO PUNCH PEOPLE IN THE FACE, FALL 2014 EDITION":
it's the same Bikini Couponer Gurl I've been poasting continuously in this thread. Pio is a big fran.
It's not. Are you complaining?
Here's a little balm for your eyeballs, courtesy of Bikini Coupon Gurl.
There's actually a term for this in conspiracy theory circles,— "poisoning the well." The psyops puppet masters deliberately place the kernels of truth alongside outrageously false claims in order to discredit them by association. Yes, it's a meta-conspiracy-theory.
New Posts  All Forums: