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What a great sale. Picked up a pair of Buttero boots to beat on for 90 bucks and I am now officially an Inis Meain collector. If anyone is a 3xl in Esemplare and needs a parka, run don't walk.
Unless he (or she) incorporates.
First post in this thread and experience with Rancourt. I went for the Hamilton boot in Bulldog. Ordered my normal size 9.5 but went all the way up to 10.5 to find the right fit with an athletic sock. They were very accommodating. The natural latex ranger sole in particular is just awesome. Great cushioning and spectacular grip. I could hear it gripping when new not only on wood flooring but carpet. Like a little velcro sound with each step.BTW, anyone know how best to...
Welcome to Style Forum Christopher Walken!
Just got mine from zeemon as well. Quite nice in person. I'm a reliable 9.5 US 42.5 EU. Went with the 43 (275) to accommodate athletic socks and they fit fine. So TTS.
PM sent!
Surprised he can't use the orange crocs in the big house. Should match the jump suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Your not going to find a new one anywhere for $200. Check out Wolf Designs for more reasonably priced options. +1 on Wolf. It's an electric motor turning a need to go nuts.
Apparently I need two posts to PM
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