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This has been discussed on The Rolex Forum, in fairly great technical depth. It's been a while since I looked into it, but IIRC it should physically fit. However, I recall there was something unsatisfactory about it (the end link fit was ugly for some reason I can't remember). I'm fairly sure this is the case, since the "new bracelet onto old watch" isn't a popular modification, while "new clasp on old bracelet" is super popular.
It's easy enough to switch for variety, and you can also easily fit the newer "Super Jubilee" to the older references. In reality, given how frequently I wear any particular watch, it would take about 100 years for the older Jubilee to show any stretch on my watch. Most importantly, the Jubilee is much more comfortable for people with small wrists - I can't center the Oyster clasp, even after removing a permanent link.
Wearing a pair of shoes on multiple consecutive days isn't good for them at all. If you're planning to wear these every day, I'd seriously consider getting two pairs.
I like my 16710 very much, but I'd like it more on the Jubilee bracelet. I'd also really love to pick up the "fat lady" version at some point - after I'm done collecting the newer stuff.
The Barrie last doesn't fit me at all, in any size. However, convention suggests you wear a 9D and put up with the enormous heel cup.
Indeed. Positive with a huge willingness to entertain BS being passed off to people who don't know better.
Since you seem to be a self styled expert, perhaps you could share exactly what aspect of Alden shoes are actually hand made? Hand lasted? Nope. Hand welted? Nope. Hand sewn? A tiny bit of decorative stitching on the toes, but nothing else. Let's not pretend these are handmade in any meaningful way, like Vass or St Crispin's. Alden makes nice machine made shoes, with somewhat shoddy QC.
I almost always buy two adjacent sizes, when I can, when I don't know my actual size.
Your instep is going to really impact your van sizing. Most go down a half size on the van (same as Barrie) but I take the same length as the Hampton, but size down two widths. That gets the strap lower on my foot and keeps the loafer nice and tight. Unless you have a very standard foot, or aren't particularly picky about fit, buying based on online feedback isn't great - especially when you already have a bunch of shoes that don't fit properly.
Should they be seconds? Sure. Are they? Nope, and there are much worse first quality shoes floating around.
New Posts  All Forums: