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Museum brown captoe bal would be nice, unless you're doing a super formal wedding. I wore a shell chukka, but mine was a summer country wedding.
Ultimately it's how things fit on the foot. I only bought it up to save you the aggregation of getting a shoe shipped that's one whole size too large.
Why would you choose to by from a watch blog rather than a real vintage dealer?
Half a size bigger than me. You're a size 8.
I know it sounds snobbish, but I'll always stick to real watch brands - not guys who decide their luxury lifestyle brand could use a watch offering.
How are you a 9c, yet fit in a 7E uk? I'm a 7.5c in dress shoes and a pretty consistent 6.5uk. I am, however an 8.5 in sneakers.
I agree... Unless it's a hublot.
Don't forget the bespoke wearers. Those reach up to and beyond $3g. I do think having nice shoes is a reason why people have gone no break.
Because they spend $3,000 on their shoes?I wear a quarter break for two reasons1) I'm short2) I'm more worried about looking good standing than showing leg sitting
We've been pruned!
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