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A narrow heel won't work well with the 800 last. I'd consider your brannock size in the 114 (most loafers) last. Also, different styles seem to have different fits around the heal. The boat shoe was very sloppy compared to the ranger moc for me.
I agree. I've never tried a tighter than a shoe chukka - it's always the other direction.
If you're in Gotham City, or a soot covered 1750 London, I could see it. However, I don't live in a bleak post-apocalyptic world so navy and brown is just fine in every city I've ever been to.
Everyone's ideal fit is different, though advice on the internet is surely the best way to figure it out.How many eyelets did the chukka have? If only two, the fit can be very different in the heel, mid-foot, and vamp.
I have a pair of hand sewn suede Rancourts in 8d and they're smaller than the same shoe in cxl in size 7.5b. The material can make a huge difference.
Look through the ring jacket thread. There are recommendations there.
Shell fits loose, suede fits tight. I'd say it's more material than pattern.
Thanks for the follow up. Too bad.
Soft for sure. It's both my preference, and what the market wants for the foreseeable future imo.
Black and any sort of blue never looks optimal for me. Dark brown, or burgundy, just always looks better.
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