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The Rolex import thing is now nonexistent. People are freely importing from the EU. RSCNY, however, is now demanding a sales receipt when servicing an EU sourced watch under warranty. There are huge threads detailing all this information on TRF.
the cheaper chinese travel suits are, or were, full as well.
I prefer suit supply to the southwick made 1818 milanos. The whole front of every southwick/1818 is too rigid. Either the canvass is stiff or, more likely, the fusing is. Milano is the best BB offers, but even at $600, I'd pick something else. At $1,000, you're paying too much.
I tried a 34R and the pants were much longer (surprisingly so) than the 36S I ended up keeping. I could have had a 3 inch cuff at least.
Yet 200 sellers on TRF manage to get them cheap out the back door.
new, but a great deal many moons ago.
Might have been the best, but probably not after the buy out.
I paid $400 for mine, the old/good quality version, and was pretty happy about it. I paid around $900 for my SAB and the quality is in another world.
I agree. It's at least a half-size smaller than the usual BB stuff.
Try jacek at hq milton.
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