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Alden uses that last for BB shoes. I've never seen it used elsewhere (besides being sold as seconds).
They should make up a longwing with that sole for the ultimate in trendy tackiness (worn with high water pants and no socks of course).
Ouch. I happen to agree with you.
You may be right. However, I think there's a lot of "shell is 100% the bestest shit in the world evar" that gets passed off as fact. I love shell, as I said, by a 10 to 1 margin over calf, but it isn't perfect!Seer, post up some calf shoes when you get a chance.
For me it is... sometimes. I have old shells that have nearly zero creasing and don't welt at all. Those shoes are superb and are, in my opinion, better than anything available in calf. If only all shells were so good.Calf has its place in my shoe rotation without a doubt.
Shell actually looks terrible if you do nothing to it. They become a dusty mess.Shell has a lot of fine qualities (I own 10 pair of shells for every pair of calf shoes), but the ease of maintenance is greatly overstated on these forums.
My worst spotted pair of shoes happens to be black. These shoes got it very badly after one rainy day. After 2 years of brushing and messing around, the shoes are still not really that smooth. It's a bummer. Now I don't wear shells in the rain.
I like shell just as much as anyone, but let the guy have his own opinion.Also, I'm really not sure that shell is easier to care for. I've never needed to brush my calf shoes for 20 minutes at a time. Never have I heard anyone needing to buy a special bone for calf either.Here's my calf shoe clean up methodRub with damp cloth.DryPut on colored creamBrush for 30 secondsPolishing cloth for 30 secondsHere's my shell shoe clean up methodRub with damp cloth.DryBrush left shoe...
You can always get the perf, and plain, cap toes on the Hampton last from Alden and Shoe Mart. Also, wingtips are always available from BB (though with the metal eyelets). What I would like is a regularly available shell quarter brogue. I know AE offers one (the Strand in brown shell), but I would like one in Alden purple #8.
This is an odd post. Who cares if he's Italian or not?
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