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Ignoring fabric differences I think the make of the chinese BC suits is superior to the southwick 1818. They wear less like a suit of armor.
They're the same construction method as the brookscool, which is actually pretty decent, and might be full canvassed (the bcool ones are).
Nobody pays attention to Cellini. I love them, but never give them a second thought when I buy.
Rolex agrees:http://www.rolex.com/watches/cellini-dual-time/m50525-0008.htmlI like that new model a lot.
I think the Milano is a completely conventional suit with a slightly too narrow (but still OK) lapel width. If it didn't have a BB label, people would consider it mainstream. The Fitzgerald cut manages to make me, and most other fit guys, look fat without a bunch of work. You can see it in many of the model photographs. You might try the Regent. It has a more athletic cut, which doesn't work for me - I can't wear padded or structured shoulders since my deltoids and traps...
SuSu has 10 million different cuts, but if you really can't find one that works, BB @ $600 isn't a bad choice. Stay away from the Madison cuts unless you want to look like a fat middle manager.
It's so relaxed, I'd lose the front darts and just get a sack.
What's going on with the buttoning point? It's curling out in a weird way. To be honest, I'm not seeing anything about that fit that suggests MTM rather than RTW with shortened sleeves.
99.999 times out of 100 more likely. It's a question of losing 20% versus 70%.
Trading for something you like better is almost always going to yield less of a loss from new, with a dealer.
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