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I actually couldn't find the flaw on my phone, and I'm picky. I would have asked for a discount, assuming they were shell, and just let the vamp crease naturally.
My phone posts are terse... it's understandable.
Also, with the way Alden increases prices these are going to be a lot more than $50 more expensive the next time you can find them On edit - I was thinking these were the whiskey boots. if it's a stock model, simply send them back if "price + 47 > U.S. retail"
That's a problem that Suit Supply suffers from as well. Why spec a "luxury" super number? These aren't going to be a wear once a month luxury suit. I'd stick with a high quality work horse S110. Trying to sell a high super fabric at a low price is exactly Suit Supply's MO. Nobody, besides Ring (sorry to bring them up again), offers superb build quality combined with hard wearing fabric and a cheap price. It's a natural entry point for you.
I'd be more inclined to ask the retail for a discount on your next order, given it was their screw up.
Are you agreeing, or... disagreeing with me? I'd never fight with UPS over $50 on a $700 pair of shoes.
And they had a fat heel when I briefly owned them.
For $50? Not worth it to me - life is too short.
A narrow heel won't work well with the 800 last. I'd consider your brannock size in the 114 (most loafers) last. Also, different styles seem to have different fits around the heal. The boat shoe was very sloppy compared to the ranger moc for me.
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