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I totally agree. If you're not happy send them back. I have no idea how I'd feel, but the pictures didn't look bad. The disappointment is totally understandable.
I actually couldn't find the flaw on my phone, and I'm picky. I would have asked for a discount, assuming they were shell, and just let the vamp crease naturally.
My phone posts are terse... it's understandable.
Also, with the way Alden increases prices these are going to be a lot more than $50 more expensive the next time you can find them On edit - I was thinking these were the whiskey boots. if it's a stock model, simply send them back if "price + 47 > U.S. retail"
That's a problem that Suit Supply suffers from as well. Why spec a "luxury" super number? These aren't going to be a wear once a month luxury suit. I'd stick with a high quality work horse S110. Trying to sell a high super fabric at a low price is exactly Suit Supply's MO. Nobody, besides Ring (sorry to bring them up again), offers superb build quality combined with hard wearing fabric and a cheap price. It's a natural entry point for you.
I'd be more inclined to ask the retail for a discount on your next order, given it was their screw up.
Are you agreeing, or... disagreeing with me? I'd never fight with UPS over $50 on a $700 pair of shoes.
And they had a fat heel when I briefly owned them.
For $50? Not worth it to me - life is too short.
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