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Way. That's a photo from the Spring 2012 BBBF collection.
"Irons" are the measure of sole thickness. You would say "give me a 5 iron sole" to a cobbler for instance. The independence collection have soles which are thicker than standard by one iron. If you want to know an exact measurement for one iron, I'm sure google can tell you.
I'd venture to guess that is unusual. I gained a sizable amount of muscle around 25 and went up two inches in my chest.
Do you plan on never getting fat in the next 50 years of your life?
It's really sad that what you just posted isn't the first thing that almost everyone seeing that photo thinks.
It's not wider. It is however easier on the top of your foot.
This post is 100% correct. That spot got a double/triple shot of purple paint at the Alden factory.They will probably only get better looking as the dye mellows with sunlight.
It reminds me of American skinheads in the 1980's. Throw some white/red laces on a black pair of boots, roll up your 501s, and go hang out in front of the local 7-Eleven.
I've heard the same and it matches my experience. However, others disagree.
They look similar to other creased up chukkas. Some look worse than that and some look better. They probably weren't a superb fit for whoever broke them in. Who's to say if you bought a new pair that yours wouldn't look worse? If it bothers you then move on.
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