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The cotton ones look OK, the gray ones look terrible. I don't care how much they cost, or how much handwork they feature - that emperor has no clothes!
The Van last fits short in the toe box relative to the Barrie. In fact, the two lasts aren't really comparable in any way. The Van is a "try before you buy" last.
The shoes are built on the same last, which implies the same internal volume - lined or unlined. The only difference being when you can't last a leather very tightly (eg Shell). Narrow heels and the Barrie last don't mix. Fit is key, consider something else.
Those have creased in a very neat and clean way.
I bet healthcare.gov and the bb website were created by the same firm.
It's also not 100% consistant unless you wear suspenders, since pants tend to float up and down.
Tongue meet cheek.
That doesn't happen with the brands we talk about...
We need some crotch pics to determine.
I have had zero luck with their new website and my corporate account. I used to have this same problem, but at this point I don't even know how to access my corporate information. I complained to BB about it on facebook and about 10,000 other people jumped in to complain as well. Their new website also sucks ass on my iPad, while their older one was fine.It's getting harder and harder for me to shop at BB. Their stock of Alden shoes sucks, their suiting seems to be going...
New Posts  All Forums: