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I didn't mention my C&J size, as I hadn't had sufficient wear time on them to feel comfortable suggesting they fit. Here's what I said:" I comfortably wear a 7.5C (and maybe even a B) in the Alden Hampton last. I measure right in between a 7.5C and an 8B on the Brannock. Complicating things, I have a somewhat high arch."and your reply:"I would recommend a 41 in Vass F, based on your stats. I do not think that Vass has standard narrow fit F last for orders - I believe...
Mr Kuti is suggesting that I buy a pair to size and we swap out until we get to the optimal length. If the width works, great. If not, I'll exchange for a narrow. I have a high instep (I've never been able to come anywhere close to getting a nice "V" on a pair of bals, even ones that are too wide), so I'll probably start at 40.5 and see what's what. Now just to pick out a style and leather.
It's hard to argue with those photos. Thank you very much! I've avoided Vass because I wasted such a huge amount of money figuring out my Alden size, and I was actually able to try those on before buying...
Thanks for the feedback. That's slightly surprising to hear. I have the same Marlows, which are indeed on the 325, but in a US 7D. They're definitely my smallest shoes, but I'm pretty sure that C&J/RL were only sizing them down .5 from the UK to US sizing - at least when I bought them. I have the Gifford from the same time and they where definitely a UK 6.5 to US 7 conversion and they're identical to my Marlows.As a counterpoint, both Gregg from NMWA and Mr Kuti suggest a...
They also offer a somewhat dressy option with a padded footbed and heel, which really increases comfort for me when I wear leather soled shoes.
Sierra Trading Post always has a huge selection of Smart Wool - well worth taking a looking. I've purchased both first and second quality and they're totally fine (they're socks after all).
I realize it's tedious, but can some people with experience suggest a good starting point for Vass F last sizing? I measure between 7.5 and 7.75 on the Brannock, and I definitely have a narrow foot (even more so the heel than the forefoot). I wear a 7.5 length in all the normal fitting Alden lasts (Hampton, Aberdeen, Leydon, etc) and could probably take a B width, though I haven't tried. I get a nice fit from the Hampton in 7.5C when I wear thick socks. I'm a UK 6.5E in...
It really depends on the size. It would be fine on a 44R, but a bit much on a 36S IMO. Also, excessive pick stitching falls under the same heading as "cheap luxury fabric" for me.
Smartwool for more casual outfits and pantherella with suits.
Brooks Brothers "select" allows you to mix and match jacket and pant sizes in all their fits, while changing some of the details. The up charge is minimal, it's definitely worth looking at.
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