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Boom! On edit - code didn't work.
Thanks a lot. Re Canada goose discounts. Check out the real outdoor sellers. They definitely discount. Try camp saver and Moose Jaw.
That seems... Odd. The guy is approximately an 8.5 US, yet a 40 maps to around a 7 US.
Has anyone seen a Baracuta G4 on sale? I can't stomach paying $400 for a jacket that was a 3rd of that a few years ago.
What are you looking at? Here's a comment: look for cars while crossing the street.
What you're talking about is shoulder expression, or padding - not size or fit. You might like a more built up shoulder. I don't.
But what about pizza delivery fees?
My first jacket fit worse. You're not making yourself look silly. Keep it if you like it, but realize your taste might change as you get more experience.
It's still too short, but at least it doesn't look like a long sleeve corset. Sleeve length is the lowest priority measurement of a jacket. The only reason it's a concern for SiSu is because of the dumb functional sleeve buttons.
OK big timer.
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