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Vass would be better if they can source the leather. More options, better construction, lower price.
For sure, honest discussion is important. I'd say vass qc is directly attributed to an unwillingness to eat the cost of a remake, combined with a "good enough" attitude.
I think Vass has a well-earned reputation for imperfect construction. One reason they get a pass is because of their immense value proposition. They don't cost twice as much as a pair of Aldens. In fact, you can pick up a calf balmoral Vass for $600-$650. This shoe has a beautifully cut welt, is hand lasted with a pegged waist, has hidden stitches in the tapered sole, uses the highest quality leather available, and comes with lasted trees. Compare that to the Alden model...
I drove to the #1 AE factory store three years ago and marveled at how crappy their seconds looked. I was dumbstruck when the SA told me they were firsts! Alden has some QC issues, which didn't exist 10 years ago, but compared to AE they're golden. Alden also chooses to raise their prices rather than cut corners, while AE does both.
Wharton takes a zillion people a year. Some will be turds with a family connection.
In my experience, which is only from the outside, a kid who receives a "C" is doomed in recruiting. It might make less of a difference for MBAs, but for BBAs I'd say it's a strong signal that something is wrong.
I'm sure everyone at every business school think they work hard. The objective fact is that it's very very very hard to receive a C at a BSchool. The only guy who got a C in my last class had below a 50% overall. He should have failed, but it's a big hassle.
Those are fairly beat up, so it's hard to tell. However, that style has been made on the Barrie (which that looks like) and the Plaza (which that doesn't look like).
The M.Acc degree is a money maker for business schools - I'm sure they had something to do with that.
An MBA, from what I've seen, is both fun (it seems) and easy (I know). It's a two year vacation from working that allows you to go to a better job when you return (unless you're terrible or went to a terrible school).
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