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My first jacket fit worse. You're not making yourself look silly. Keep it if you like it, but realize your taste might change as you get more experience.
It's still too short, but at least it doesn't look like a long sleeve corset. Sleeve length is the lowest priority measurement of a jacket. The only reason it's a concern for SiSu is because of the dumb functional sleeve buttons.
OK big timer.
Lucky for you there are cool dudes on here who can provide good natured ribbing and helpful feedback.
That jacket is giving you the sexy hips I love on a woman, but I somehow doubt that's the look you're going for. If it don't fit, you must acquit!
I'd try a 36L, a 38R, and a 38L. I expect the 38L would be the best choice, but you may prefer the 38R depending on what you're looking for. All three of them will be an improvement though.
Probably not, I expect +1 plus a long would be the correct call.
Was that an R? If so, definitely try an L. I'm 5'8" and could wear a 36R Havana and nobody would think it is too long.
Arms are different lengths. I wouldn't use that to judge. If you can swing it, it's always a good idea to buy two sizes and then check them out a couple times at your leasure. Takes pictures of both and post them up. I'd say either at least plus 1, or a different cut/brand.
I love suit supply, they're cheap and the natural shoulder is pretty good. My current favorite suit is a SuSu Havana. The two things that look terrible on that jacket, besides the too-tight:1) It's the length of a woman's jacket2) the button point is practically at nipple level.Even if you like the too-tight look, that jacket is way short and the button point is way off. It makes the wearer look hippy like a woman. It's an incredibly unflattering look.Most people working...
New Posts  All Forums: