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The Fitz makes you look a lot thinner.
I think Ravello is the most beautiful color shell by far. It's just the right level of eye catching. The C&J Brown/Red is just as nice but a little more subdued.
So long as other manufacturers don't start painting with RustOleum like Duckie!
Cigar, often, has an olive undertone that I really dislike. The C&J brown has a red undertone that looks much nicer.
Of course. I was responding to the poster who acted like it was unheard of to apply a post tanning finnish.
3 eyelets kill 2, for me, in a chukka. Who knows how nice they look in real life though.
Actually, all three of those cappuccino shoes look nice.
Dickie Brown
Customs on US made items being sent to the US?
Alden paints purple dye on all their #8 shells.
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