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My wing tips aren't near broken in after approximately 20 wears.
That's great to hear. Keep us updated.
All my FIlson gear, purchased before the buy out, has worn like iron. I'm about to buy a few new pieces and I really hope the quality hasn't changed. I'd much rather pay increased prices for the same quality, than the same prices for inferior quality.
"Old FIlson" would have probably replaced the bag. I have no idea what "New Filson" would do. It's probably worth contacting them.
They're a little too rustic for my tastes, but I'm sure they're true to the heritage.
I can tell you with absolute certainty that a bolo tie on a college kid isn't going to impress me. If fact, I'd be more likely to think "what the hell is he wearing that for?"
They were dark brown, but the black shouldnt be too different.
I'm fairly sure. I'll pull out the bottle and double check. For some reason it only pulled color from the folded sections.
Lexol removed a ton of color from my field satchel, I'd use something less abrasive.PS you're the second DWC guy I've seen on here...
These straps: https://bulangandsons.com/product/filson-duffle-bag-small-tan-4/ on a black bag, aren't going to look very nice in my opinion. It all comes back to the fact that Filson bags are inherently casual, while black is inherently severe.
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