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Shit is exactly what that is. It's as if they're saying "hey don't let those really nice new brown shell shoes fool you, we can still make an ugly monster of a shoe".
You've grown soft. Clearly the answer is "bespoke suit plus AE seconds".
I wear an 8.5 in New Balance running shoes and a 7 in the Alden Barrie last. The Barrie is considered to be a "size down .5" last as well. It's not impossible to think that you might take 8.5 if you wear a 10 in some sneakers.You're experiencing the downside of remote shoe purchasing. I hope you get it worked out.
The first thing I noticed about it was that they seem to have not darkened the leather where the laces tie. It causes an odd two tone effect.
Great post, thank you for taking the time. It's been clear to me that this is an issue with the way the shoes are lasted. Now it appears to be indisputable that this has nothing to do with your feet (which was laughable since it seems to happen with AE about 1000 times more frequently than any other maker).
Consider Industrial and Operations Engineering. It's the most closely related to business operations. Makes for an easy pivot from "quant grunt" to "management".
John Lobb St James shoes cost around $5,000 and don't really look a great deal nicer than top level RTW. In fact, if your foot is odd shaped, a bespoke shoe can look very orthopedic. Bespoke shoes are great for people with hard to fit feet, or people who want something out of the ordinary.Clearly a pair of bespoke shoes are not the cornerstone of a good wardrobe. Theyr'e not even required to be well dressed.
The rippling at the ankle looks like the shoe is just asking to bow out on 90% of the feet that try to wear it.
I agree with you 100%. You can look at the shoes when not being worn and tell which pairs will do it especially bad. I strongly suspect that it's related to how the shoes are lasted.
Still, I never see this problem with other makers. I'm not sure what it is about AE that makes it an issue.
New Posts  All Forums: