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A phone call? In 2016? Preposterous!I'm just kidding, thanks for the tip.
With RTW stuff, you can buy and return easy enough - it sucks, but it's doable. Is the MTO even returnable? I guess I shouldn't complain, they could easily make it "in store only".
Agree 1,000%. That function could be so cool, but is nearly useless (to me) as is.
I've had good luck with deer bone on rough shell like that. There's zero certainty that a pair of AE or Alden firsts won't have exactly that issue. As shell has become more popular, the number of these questionable examples has increased dramatically.
Cigar is brown with an undertone of baby shit green. It can be rather dark.
Like you're a bastion of optimism for the plight of humanity, John Galt!
Not unusual... compared to right before the last recession.
There's no question about that. I have a decent fitting pair in 8D and special ordered the same shoe/last in 7.5B for sockless wear. Guess what? The 7.5B fit about a half size bigger than the 8D. Too much hassle for me.
I'm sure it's tough when they have 30 cuts, stocked in sizes between 36 and 46 in S/R/L.
on edit - it's working on the US site, but none of the good colors are included.
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