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There's no question about that. I have a decent fitting pair in 8D and special ordered the same shoe/last in 7.5B for sockless wear. Guess what? The 7.5B fit about a half size bigger than the 8D. Too much hassle for me.
I'm sure it's tough when they have 30 cuts, stocked in sizes between 36 and 46 in S/R/L.
on edit - it's working on the US site, but none of the good colors are included.
Boom! On edit - code didn't work.
Thanks a lot. Re Canada goose discounts. Check out the real outdoor sellers. They definitely discount. Try camp saver and Moose Jaw.
That seems... Odd. The guy is approximately an 8.5 US, yet a 40 maps to around a 7 US.
Has anyone seen a Baracuta G4 on sale? I can't stomach paying $400 for a jacket that was a 3rd of that a few years ago.
What are you looking at? Here's a comment: look for cars while crossing the street.
What you're talking about is shoulder expression, or padding - not size or fit. You might like a more built up shoulder. I don't.
But what about pizza delivery fees?
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