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Looks like 325 to me.
Good point on the low vamp. That leads to the third horizontal crease up in the middle of the vamp that you often see on broken in Barrie chukkas. Mine has it and it presses on my foot in an uncomfortable way.
Is your name Hunter Moore?
A 7C on the Barrie fits me loosely, while a 7.5B is my correct Hampton size. If you're not particular about fit it might work for you, but I would suggest not.
Just wait until you have multiple pair of $1000 shoes sitting in your closet waiting to be worn for the first time!
Wear whatever will make highschool chicks have sex with you, assuming you're straight. If not, figure out what guy kids like. Dressing like people on SF while in highschool will make you a very odd duck.
That's really too bad. If the shoes are actually "MTO" I don't see what's the difference in swapping a C width last when the pattern already exists. It's not like the pattern changes based on the color of the leather.
It's hit or miss. Their system really sucks. They blame it on Gmail.
Those creased really nicely on you.
It was a joke but they sell junk like that. They had a camo poncho not too long ago...
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