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You're welcome. Try the suitable wardrobe shop. They had them on sale recently.
Sad to see but if happens sometimes. You should always take a good look at the store, then a good long look at home (in natural light as well) before deciding to wear them. I'd suggest getting a deer bone and giving that area a vigorous rubbing - it might knock it down.
I saw this at the top of the fs section and figured it got a bump. It could have been a forum glitch though.
Closed lacing = balmoralOpen lacing = blucherI like them.
Are they black, or dark brown? A dark brown balmoral would be preferable to a black derby IMO.
Any chance of something around 40.5?
Yeah, I went to the site to see if you had anything new and saw a bunch of "final sale" items. It made me wonder if you were blowing out stock to make room for a new brand.
Wool is better in cold and hot weather. It's a wonder material. Cotton, on the other hand, sucks most of the time.
Indeed, thanks for the correction. Are you getting out of the Vass business, or just looking to move current stock? Feel free to respond via PM if it's a touchy subject.
Yep, one width RTW and two MTO.
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