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"Send them back and wait another couple months for the replacement" is what they told me. Hopefully your outcome is better.
Really hard to tell in those pictures, at least on my phone. It APPEARS to have a shoulder divot indicative of a jacket that doesn't match the slope of your shoulder.
Could be worse: choad prog
And you've already received a ton of great advice. The Alden long wing in #8 shell, or a nice Alden style boot would be perfect for what you want. They're shoes. This is either a terrible case of paralysis by analysis, or you're just bs'ing. Again, they're shoes. Buy some you like the look of and see if they fit. There's no perfect shoe for wear with your blazer, jeans, and t shirt.
You're asking the wrong questions. Shoes are 98% about fit.You want shoes not to wear with a suit? Any of the suggestions have been fine.
Modern shell tanning isn't what it used to be, due to EPA regulations. Do a search for "shell water welt". I'd take grained calf over modern shell in the rain.
^^^ I didn't realize this was the same guy. I'll restate - leather soles with jeans looks weird. A blucher boot might be passable, but it won't look great with a suit. On edit: a long wing blucher is another possibility.
Check out C&J, they do a few models on rubber. I don't think I've ever seen a C&J balmoral on rubber though. I've worn shell chukkas with a suit, and I think it was appropriate. I think it would totally depend on the suit and the shoe, in your case. Ultimately, compromise is often necessary. It's not like someone will punch you in the face for wearing suede chukkas with a "smart" suit. On edit; what about overshoes? Swims is a good brand.
What shoes are you used to? If you buy from the middle quality bench made range of options, Allen Edmonds is now offering a large number of rubber soles options. If you're more a JL or G&G kind of guy, you'll probably need to spec a rubber sole on a MTM order (Vass would be a good option).
In the USA, off of style forum, I agree 100%. Every time I see someone wearing monks in a professional setting they're dressed in some "look at me" combination of colors and fits. You really run the risk of being "that guy" when you wear monks.There are too many answers from too many people who should still be asking.
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