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You must be 3 feet tall! I've always been irritated with how short Filson straps are.
Get a phd in math from any top 100 school. It's going to be plenty challenging.
It's really very easy for a post-grad program. I forgot to submit half the assignments in one of my classes, didn't study for the final, and received an A+. This was a top 3 MBA program.
Those have kept their shape well. Do you shoe tree them?
I think the navy came post-sale but I'm not 100% sure.
By name yes, but in reality nowhere near. The old is much more tan/khaki, while the new is decidedly more brown. Think khaki versus British khaki. The newer looks better IMO.
I'll try to snap some pictures, but the material is both a different weave and color. It's also noticeably less stiff. I wish I had a digital caliper. The difference in leather thickness was shocking.
I got a chance to compare my new Filson purchases with some of my old (pre-buyout) bags. Sadly, the difference is obvious. Every piece of leather on the new 256 and medium travel bag is noticeably thinner than the like piece on my 257. The leather on the travel bag is about 10% thinner, while 256 is easily 25% thinner. The cloth material is also much less thick and stiff. My 257 is stiffer after 3 years of use daily use (rain, shine, snow) than the new out of the box bags....
I'm 5'8 and wear a 38S or a 36S/R. You definitely don't want a 44R. It's going to be inches too long.
I had that shoe and it was very nice. It's a shame I had to send it back due to AE's absolutely piss poor build quality and QC. Once and only once did I bother buying a Shell AE - never again.
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