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NOMOS service is cheap as well. One of the best deals in all of horology.
I'm not sure what's up with their website. I was looking at the New Zealand site and everything is for sale in US dollars. Given the near +10 conversion, I suspect it has to be correct. Really though, unless there's something weird about your body (in which case SS suits won't fit) you should probably take your "normal" size. I'm a 36S in everything, including every SS suit I've tried. Some are slimmer than others, but they all fit as intended.
Ever hear of euro sizing? It's approximately us size plus 10.
Some questionable drunk naked selfies?
I've given up on using my corporate account online. It's too much bullshit to deal with. If anyone from BB is monitoring this thread, get your corporate head out of your ass.
Horween shells, at least the ones that aren't painted, ala Alden,very a lot batch to batch. There's no "a couple shades lighter".
Slight cracking and peeling will happen, it has on all my older ones, but that strap looks like shit.
Ignoring fabric differences I think the make of the chinese BC suits is superior to the southwick 1818. They wear less like a suit of armor.
They're the same construction method as the brookscool, which is actually pretty decent, and might be full canvassed (the bcool ones are).
Nobody pays attention to Cellini. I love them, but never give them a second thought when I buy.
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