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5'6" is short but not freakish. Also, there's a world of difference between 135 pounds and 115 pounds. I was 5'8" and weighed 135lbs for years. I had no trouble buying off the rack suits. If I were you, I'd pick up four BB Fitz suits is size 36S, two pair of AE shoes, and round out your closet with dress shirts, socks, belts, and ties. That would be very very easy to do for less than $5,000.
Every time I see a real life picture of this model I really like it. I think they're not very popular because Alden's stock photo really doesn't do the shoes justice.
There's nothing wrong with what I said. The shoe you linked to is made on the Snap last. That's a fact. Also, the reviewer is 100% correct. He did not post his review for the wrong shoe, as you suggested.The cap toe blucher has never been made on the M58 last. It is currently made on the Snap last. I'm not sure how I can be more clear than that.
You are mistaken. I own that shoe. It's on the Snap last and doesn't look a thing like the M58. I emailed Alden and asked them.Here's exactly what I emailed Alden"Here are the identification numbers on the cap toe8D 2J22 025 5 and below that5803"Here's their response:"Snap Last"Feel free to produce some proof of what you're saying.
That shoe isn't made on the M58 last... which you would have known had you looked at the first review.
I'm picky about fit. One width difference can make a shoe unwearable for me. I can't imagine it would work for you.
If the post bothers you, report it to the moderator. After that, drop it.
That is a very odd looking PTB loafer. I've never seen this model before.
I have this shoe on the Hampton last. It's the best looking Alden I've ever seen. This is a great deal on a great shoe.
I'm usually doing a bunch of shoes at the same time, so I wax them all and then when I'm done I buff them all. I'd say 15 minutes should be more than enough if you're counting the time. Also, make sure not to use too much wax.
New Posts  All Forums: