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Weird. I take a 7.5b in that last, the same as my brannock. A 7 was too short in a narrow width.
Ok, whatever you say.
I take my brannock size in every normal fitting last, sold by AE or Alden. When I don't, I take one half size down. I'm not talking about the brannock arch length measure, just overall length.What last do you take at minus 1.5?
For calf, about the same as Alden. I don't know about shell.
I don't care for the shoulders. They look overly extended to me. The body looks good, but there's something about where the back meets the collar. Do you have forward pitched shoulders? That jacket makes it look like you do.
Are you sure about your brannock and/or c&j size? Two sizes down seems crazy. My one size down c&j's are easily the smallest shoes I own.
Stop editing your posts - weirdo.
You're clearly taking this too seriously - good for my amusement, bad for your mental health.
If the extra wide shoe fits, wear it.
Thanks a lot for the recommendation.
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