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Yep. A singlet is what Alexander Karelin wore. Unless your tank top contains underpants, it's hardly "single" in any sense of the word - it's more a "tankini"
Sorry it didn't work out, it's frustrating.I wear an oddball size and was forced to choose between probably never getting a particular shoe in my size, or accepting something very far from perfect. I kept them because fit trumps all, but it sucked.
There's essentially zero chance your replacement shoe won't have some tiny issue (one of your picture is a rough join at the reverse welt - they all look like that), and another was the sole dressing (a non-issue, which occurs frequently). If you return and purchase from a proper seller (J Crew is not really in the business of selling high quality footwear), they shouldn't come creased. They may, or may not, have some leather flaws or minor scratches. If the creases bother...
Deer bone the leather flaw and forget about the sole edge flaw - it will be covered when you use sole dressing for the first time. I'm picky, and I wouldn't return for that those reason. Also, was the right shoe a display model? It's highly creased, which would bother me, assuming you didn't do it.
Ouch, nobody likes to hear that.
And regular people who buy to flip.
Pear inducing for sure.
CXL isn't a super resilient material. Someone got some cooking fat on their CXL shoes and it made a huge mess. CXL is spongy stuff.
Those tweeds were in the Brooks Brothers clearance section.
I don't agree with that at all. However, you're exactly the kind of customer I'd love to sell to were I Alden. In reality, that shell shouldn't have been made into a shoe. After it was made into a shoe, it should have been QC'd as a second. After QC missed it, putting more purple paint on it wasn't the correct solution. It's up to the retailer, Alden, and the purchaser to figure out how they want to handle it. I don't think the poster is being unreasonable in the least.I...
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