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It should.
Sorry if I came off harshly, it wasn't intended Some shells are $700, but thankfully not all. Here's one for much less:http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens-monk-strap-shell-cordovan-color-8/pvc-ald-mxsdmp-954_ald_m_monk_strap_shell_cordovan.htmlMy point, which I guess I didn't do a good job of making clear, is that $500 versus $600 really isn't that big a difference. That's why I think you should let other factors guide your choice. For instance, if you want the sole...
Why would recrafting a $595 pair of shells for $150 be such a logically clear idea, while recrafting a $500 pair of calf shoes is somehow questionable? They're both expensive.There are many good reasons to send your shoes somewhere else, but for me price isn't one.
The worst thing about doing interviews (from the corporate side) is that qualities which show well for 15 minutes (talkative for instance), can actually be very very irritating over the long haul. It's very hard to tell the person who's playing it up for the interview from the person who will never sit their ass in their desk and do work. I could never figure out how to spot "that guy".
I've never seen this problem with another maker, so I agree with you.On the other hand, maybe AE is going after the underserved "cankle" market that Alden targets with their Barrie last.
I was asked a similar qustion once and was given the job. I later asked my interviewer the point of the question. He said there were two reasons. He wanted to see if I could use critical thinking skills without getting too technical (think distributional assumptions), and he wanted to see how quickly I could do calculations in my head.
I'm probably not the best person to answer. I've only tried on the 5 last once, in the size suggested to me by the salesperson. However, they were the same length as the Alden Hampton last, and the listed size matched my measured size. I found the last to be rather narrow with a relatively small difference in width between the heel and the forefoot, and I have a narrow foot.I couldn't find a width that was both snug at the heel and roomy enough in the toe box. From what I...
I bought and returned two pair of the Peal captoes. The last was very unforgiving to my high arches. The quality was clearly superior to AE or Alden though.
The Strand has great proportions. I wish the PA and Fifth Ave had the same proportions.
That is great. Good on LS.
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