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Cal Poly SLO has a very good reputation in CA, so it's not like a CSU is total shit.
Actually it is, and always has been, Aberdeen!
Don't rely on what people tell you - buy it and return if it doesn't fit. BB has a good return policy.
You can order that size from any Alden retailer. I'm really not sure why they're that expensive.
Because we're not talking about lasted trees so, for me at least, the fit isn't perfect. If they were lasted I'd keep them in whenever they weren't on my feet. My unlined shell LHS in particular develops a crease from a pair of properly sized Alden trees.
My understanding is that the C&J/AE Dark Brown is Horween Dark Cognac. I don't think anyone knows the name Horween gives to the color shell used for AE Cappuccino. It could come directly from Horween, looking as it does in the photos, with the name Cappuccino. Alternately, it could be called something else by Horween and then undergo some post tanning finishing by AE (like Alden does with their #8 and Ravello).
Pig logo...
Those look very comfortable. I'm not sure why more shoes aren't built narrow in the heel and waist, with a roomy toe box.
I tend to take them out after a couple of days. I'm more particular about shell (especially if it's unlined).
When I saw the photos online I really didn't like this make up. I still wouldn't buy it for myself, but they look great with your casual outfit.
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