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I've tried all the lasts, with the exceptions of the really weird Asia-specific ones. I previously worked down the street from Alden SF. The Leydon is my current favorite.
I'm partial to Argentina.
South America, or Cuba if it's possible now.
Aberdeen is tts with a cramped, for an Alden, toe box.
You spend thousands of dollars on your clothes. I realize that's SF-standard, but you're the weird one - not the guys who don't button their jackets.
I'll reach out to Ed. I saw those 2nd AEs and almost bought them. Unfortunately, I have a high instep that doesn't work well with closed lacing and flat-cone AE lasts. In better news, I'm wearing a brand new pair of D width Rancourts - a very skinny foot friendly brand.
Thanks for the suggestion, but AE's size availability is no better in my size and they charge a special makeup fee that Alden does not. There's no returns, as usual, and the probably of getting a pair with a defect is way too high. My single experience with AE shell was enough to make me swear off them for good - even though I find their LWB to be more attractive in some ways. I may just get an F-last Vass LWB in one of their shell colors
^^^ Email Alden asking what last the BB boots are on, and do the same with SM if it's not listed.
Just face it, gay's the way.
Thanks for the tip. I'll take a look, but I'm not optimistic. There are basically two classes of sizes that Alden offers - sizes that they produce for every run (easily obtained and returned), and sizes they can add if you pay upfront. Since a 10E is fairly normal, I'd expect it was the former. Something like a 15EEE or a 7B is another story. Just the joys of having a foot size 10 standard deviations off the mean.
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