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John Lobb St James shoes cost around $5,000 and don't really look a great deal nicer than top level RTW. In fact, if your foot is odd shaped, a bespoke shoe can look very orthopedic. Bespoke shoes are great for people with hard to fit feet, or people who want something out of the ordinary.Clearly a pair of bespoke shoes are not the cornerstone of a good wardrobe. Theyr'e not even required to be well dressed.
The rippling at the ankle looks like the shoe is just asking to bow out on 90% of the feet that try to wear it.
I agree with you 100%. You can look at the shoes when not being worn and tell which pairs will do it especially bad. I strongly suspect that it's related to how the shoes are lasted.
Still, I never see this problem with other makers. I'm not sure what it is about AE that makes it an issue.
You have a good sense of humor. Welcome to the forum, unless of course you're Robert Durst. In that case please don't kill me.
I don't think what's happening with your shoe is related to your anatomy. I've seen 0 photos of shoes that aren't AE with that "feature" post online. It seems like 20% or more of the AE photos show some amount of that.
Good suggestion. It's also known as Industrial and Operations Engineering (IOE). Stay away from Actuarial anything. If you want to go into the actuarial field (which I wouldn't suggest), all anyone cares about are CAS or Life exams.
Is that a picture of you in your avatar? If so, people probably think you're a woman.
Looks like Barrier last to me.
I don't like the fit of the Barrie last. I'd pick based on what fits you well.
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