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Used shoes are yucky (personal opinion) and not good for your feet (fact). I'd avoid them unless you're broke and in dying need of dress shoes.
Constantly on sale. However, I doubt those are very high quality shoes. I also hate black (more formal color) loafers (less formal style) and would never buy a pair.
I sent you a PM
So do the J Crew ones.
Hey all - how long does it take your orders to ship? Mine has been "received" since the 22nd.
They're socks. I picked a pair that didn't look too weird and now I wear them. It's not exactly an expensive mistake if they don't work.
J Crew has served me well, but I'm not a connoisseur.
I disagree 100%. Fit matters first and most. The weave of fabric matters so little.
The right guy could get you in a Sammy for well under two grand. Finding the right guy... Is hard.
Samuelsohn MTM is a good option. There are local places that charge around $1,100 for basic fabric.
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