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I always like to give my shoes a deep condition prior to the first wear. It seems to be a good policy in my experience. However, I don't buy (or wear) any shoes with that crazy burnishing which people seem to love - I'm not sure how those would hold up to a cleaning/condition.
That seems like a huge pain in the ass when dealing with, what I would consider to be, a fairly high end brand. I'd expect that sort of thing with second quality AEs, but AS is leagues above that. It's been a while since I looked, but I was under the impression that AS was marching up towards the $1,000 price/quality point for their nicer offerings.
They're horrible. I was expecting them to be ugly, but I was still surprised. On edit: there's nothing "timeless" about a 12 inch long toe cap.
The biggest downside is the juxtaposition of the casual Filson style with the severe black color. I personally hate black bags, but if that's your thing I'm sure it's nice.
Isn't there a thread dedicated to this brand? You might have better luck asking in there.
I think right before Christmas or the day after, might get you the same discount. I'd pick up something more interesting, like the shell boots.
Did all those GMTO boots get sold off as seconds just to make the SF guys happy? Of course not. AE isn't purposely making crap, though you might be on to something with the idea that most of their customers don't care.
It's certainly a way to operate, though I recall all sorts of "six sigma" talk when the holding company bought in. I actually went to the Port Washington store last year. I was relatively impressed by the quality of the 2nds I saw, until the clueless (but friendly) sales lady informed me they were firsts! Suffice it to say, I wasn't impressed.
Unfortunately, CS is not a substitute for QC. There's a reason why almost every firm in the world would like to keep their quality failures internal - AE, on the other hand, seems to view their customers as something of an outsourced QC department.
"Out the front" is too short, I wouldn't call that tight.
New Posts  All Forums: