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I agree... Unless it's a hublot.
Don't forget the bespoke wearers. Those reach up to and beyond $3g. I do think having nice shoes is a reason why people have gone no break.
Because they spend $3,000 on their shoes?I wear a quarter break for two reasons1) I'm short2) I'm more worried about looking good standing than showing leg sitting
We've been pruned!
Yet, it's the ones that look essentially the same as the modern versions that command huge prices. I agree about the really old references. I'd love to see a Cellini annual calendar chronograph based off one of the older Rolex references.
Even Patek isn't "Patek". Their market is softening as well.
For sure. I think our economy is fundamentally unsound. My job is basically recession-proof (when the economy sucks, more people tend to enroll in professional education programs), but the people I know who don't have a STEM BS or an advanced degree are hurting. The government is pumping money into the economy, keeping it propped up. Who knows what's going on with China?I'm not a macro economist, but this doesn't "feel" like a very healthy economy. Not to get too...
Yep, the Paul Newman's are crazy:http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2013-11-11/rolex-daytona-sells-for-record-1-1-million-at-christie-sI expect there have been others.
Do you know who's really in for a major reaming? The vast majority of people who are buying big dollar watches at auction. Those million dollar Daytonas are going to be the death (literally) of someone, when the bubble pops.
The world's most expensive Invicta, perhaps: http://www.lindewerdelin.com/shop/spido/spidospeed-gold I hope someone in the watch industry looks at this junk and understands why their sales are slipping.
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