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That looks like a strap that would stink eventually, but the watch has a nice casual (flieger) look.
Seiko makes a nice watch, but unfortunately their bracelets are almost always the weakest part (it's true from the 5 line all the way up to the GS line). I think this particular watch looks much better on the strap. Also, I've never had a strap start to smell. You can always replace it once a year if you're super sensitive to it.
It's almost impossible to uniformly prefer one versus the other. All my Rolex watches are on bracelets, and all my Omegas are on straps of various sorts.
The idea that a suit is "formal", or dedicated only to work hours, is relatively new. It's not at all the traditional view.
I'm sure it will be great. I carried a black back for a few years exclusively, before I realized the amazing possibilities of brown!On edit: If the black Filson is anything like the tan/brown, your black straps won't stay black for long. The finish will crack and show the much lighter natural leather. I think it looks good on brown straps, but I have no idea what it will look like in black.
Those are some seriously ugly men.
I don't like the severity of the color in daytime natural light. It's the same reason I don't wear black suits or topcoats to work. I find dark brown much more harmonious with everything I own, and London tan is just lovely.I like the tan/brown Filson combo very much.
A light fingernail rub can do exactly what you describe. It seems that all my bench grade shoes (Alden, C&J, etc) have them from being handled or put into the box.
I always like to give my shoes a deep condition prior to the first wear. It seems to be a good policy in my experience. However, I don't buy (or wear) any shoes with that crazy burnishing which people seem to love - I'm not sure how those would hold up to a cleaning/condition.
That seems like a huge pain in the ass when dealing with, what I would consider to be, a fairly high end brand. I'd expect that sort of thing with second quality AEs, but AS is leagues above that. It's been a while since I looked, but I was under the impression that AS was marching up towards the $1,000 price/quality point for their nicer offerings.
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