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Thanks a lot for the recommendation.
BB has definitely started to do some roping, and samulhson (however it's spelled) has some very roped, extended, padded shoulders options. Even SuSu has some strong shoulder cuts. I get your point though.
Vass has a huge variety of styles... from "big pilgrim buckle" all the way to "makes Alden look like an orthopedic".
I don't know about the former, but I'm under the impression the latter doesn't for RTW (they do for bespoke). I don't keep track of this stuff as closely as I used to (before children), so I'm happy to be factually corrected. Now that I think about it, I suspect the more expensive Cleverley RTW line (the $1,200 or more line) are as well.These sorts of technical discussions (who makes what, how, where, and why) used to be much more prevalent on SF "back in the day". Now it...
High quality bespokeVassSt Crispin'sMaybe a few other's I'm forgettingThe list of those who don't is much longer.
Expensive, but good. They have a bunch of cuts ranging from "fat old man" to something more SF approved. You can get a MTM Samuelsohn for $500 less than a RTW Formosa on sale, after tailoring credits. There are a lot of good options out there.
Or a bunch of Soutwick cuts, or a bunch of Samuelsohn cuts, or HF, or Brooks Brothers, or... you get the idea. Strong shoulders aren't hard to find.
I don't think so:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rdbAfHyLPU
They're hand lasted, so there's going to be variance. I doubt there's more than you'd find in Alden though.
Do you have input into how your wife dresses?
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