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Honestly, those shoes look like 95% of the Aldens I've ever seen - display model or not. Complete uniformity isn't something that Alden can regularly deliver in their shell offerings. You'd need to move way up the price ladder to have 100% matching shell shoes. Keeping them was the right call IMO.
Sorry, but they look like a woman's ballet shoe worn over a white sock.
They're extremely different, especially in the the fit and appearance. The 325 and Barrie lasts are night and day different. C&J also cakes their shell with polish while alden uses a post construction liquid dye, at least on #8.
The Barrie is an odd fitting last. The heel cup is proportionately wide relative to the toe box. Move on and stop wasting money. There are other longwings out there, on more normal fitting lasts.
Hello Style Forum! I recently moved from CA to MI and need to slim down my shoe wardrobe. Consequently,I am selling a really special pair of Alden shoes. You may already be familiar with the special edition Hampton lasted Ravello shell NST monk straps, that Tom Park released for the opening of LSBH. In case you are not, you can see them here: http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2010/05/28/alden-shoes-two-new-nsts-for-lsbh/ They are size 7.5D, are in as new condition, and have...
It depends on your feet of course. Some people claim that every shoe they buy, on many different lasts and in many different sizes, fits well and are comfortable. I'm not so lucky so I'm extremely picky about what I buy. For this reason, I've never bought a shoe from the forum. Also, I've paid way to much money for shoes that aren't comfortable so I always error on the side of not buying if I can't return.
No RTW US company does as good a job as Alden does with shell cordovan. If you're a fan of US construction and shell cordovan the options are AE and Alden. Alden has much more variety so if you're the sort of person that owns 30 pairs of shoes, the chances are high that you will have at least a few pair of Aldens.
Cal Poly SLO has a very good reputation in CA, so it's not like a CSU is total shit.
Actually it is, and always has been, Aberdeen!
Don't rely on what people tell you - buy it and return if it doesn't fit. BB has a good return policy.
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