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I don't think so:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rdbAfHyLPU
They're hand lasted, so there's going to be variance. I doubt there's more than you'd find in Alden though.
Do you have input into how your wife dresses?
Current Vass prices make Alden hard to justify for me.
Mid grey.
I'd leave it as is. Who knows how it will turn out after the tailor gets done with it.
If I ever make it to MSU, I'll leave my UM gear at home and grab some ice cream.
^^^ Are you in Michigan? I had never seen that brand until coming here.
It also benefited from a enormous breakdown of retail business following the global financial meltdown...Retailers are getting stingy with their discounts and it's showing up in the content for sale on the B&S.On edit: if anyone wants to kick me a good guy deal on some 40.5 Vass, I'll show them that the B&S still works.
You could always further subdivide the B&S into "Shoes", "Suits and SCs", and "Other", which would be an easy way to filter.
New Posts  All Forums: