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Ive had lining hanging open on Martin greenfield made BB suits - clearly a "real suit". It happens and is easy to fix.
If your tux is cut classically, people shouldn't be seeing your belt either way. If it's not, then the belt would be consistently "not correct".
New fish, this is Style Forum. Where snark, chronic cheapness, and donuts come to die.
You must not like super versatile shoes! Perfect with jeans, shorts, pajamas, AND speedos.
I think you must be a sock puppet for one of the old timers. Is that you Vox? In topic, those shoes are perfect with jeans. I'd even wear them with shorts!
I think that outfit looks great on the model. However, I wouldn't wear it, and I can't think of any combination where I'd prefer that black blazer to a navy one.
Bothering me? No. It's weird though.
I really don't understand asking basic questions when you have such an obvious personal opinion. Just buy what you want, rather than discounting tons of good advice.
Maybe try a button boot. Those go great with jeans.
They look nice. Not sure about the jeans.
New Posts  All Forums: