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Aren't you the guy who doesn't mind piss sprinkles on a used suit? I'm not sure cat butthole is worse.
Don't sweat the hair yoda
If everyone in the world acted like you#1 the Internet would be more entertaining#2 SAs wouldn't stereotype
It's a weird last. It's a worse looking dress last than the Hamton, but a better casual last than the Barrie. I wouldn't mind a 990 or a 975 on it, but I'd never buy the stock shell balmoral. It's definitely a fat last.
Because a SA wants to minimize time spent with tire-kickers. Sure they might miss out on a sale, but on average it might work.
It reminds me of the child of the Hampton and Barrie. I size down to my Barrie size.
Not true. You can actually contract a shit infection inside your pee hole - to use the technical terms.
Can EG source it? Their single unit MTO fee is high, on top of their already exorbitant price for shell (or crup) RTW. St Crispins has no MTO fee, so they'd be worth checking as well.
Vass would be better if they can source the leather. More options, better construction, lower price.
For sure, honest discussion is important. I'd say vass qc is directly attributed to an unwillingness to eat the cost of a remake, combined with a "good enough" attitude.
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