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I'm probably not the best person to answer. I've only tried on the 5 last once, in the size suggested to me by the salesperson. However, they were the same length as the Alden Hampton last, and the listed size matched my measured size. I found the last to be rather narrow with a relatively small difference in width between the heel and the forefoot, and I have a narrow foot.I couldn't find a width that was both snug at the heel and roomy enough in the toe box. From what I...
I bought and returned two pair of the Peal captoes. The last was very unforgiving to my high arches. The quality was clearly superior to AE or Alden though.
The Strand has great proportions. I wish the PA and Fifth Ave had the same proportions.
That is great. Good on LS.
Shit is exactly what that is. It's as if they're saying "hey don't let those really nice new brown shell shoes fool you, we can still make an ugly monster of a shoe".
You've grown soft. Clearly the answer is "bespoke suit plus AE seconds".
I wear an 8.5 in New Balance running shoes and a 7 in the Alden Barrie last. The Barrie is considered to be a "size down .5" last as well. It's not impossible to think that you might take 8.5 if you wear a 10 in some sneakers.You're experiencing the downside of remote shoe purchasing. I hope you get it worked out.
The first thing I noticed about it was that they seem to have not darkened the leather where the laces tie. It causes an odd two tone effect.
Great post, thank you for taking the time. It's been clear to me that this is an issue with the way the shoes are lasted. Now it appears to be indisputable that this has nothing to do with your feet (which was laughable since it seems to happen with AE about 1000 times more frequently than any other maker).
Consider Industrial and Operations Engineering. It's the most closely related to business operations. Makes for an easy pivot from "quant grunt" to "management".
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