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There's nothing baggy about those pants. In fact, they're so tight they hang weirdly.
That's exactly what they said to me. They stuck it on the last and told me "fits fine". Yours is worse though.
Too bad they won't offer a short length. I'm really glad to see more competition in the $500-$750 range.
I would have had a tailor do it, next time it was convenient.
Perhaps for the Thai, but: http://www.science.co.il/Jewish-Holidays.asp
It's actually 5776 FWIW.
Don't let your brush touch those shoes until you've stripped the shit off. Damp cloth, rub rub rub, dry off. Do that until your cloth stops coming off filthy. My C&J shells are more porous than Alden (even though they're all Horween), so don't be surprised if the Reno discolors the shell. They will eventually return to normal. I can't overstate how much shit those shoes have on them from the factory.
I feel your pain. I'm so sick of buying/ordering and hoping shoes fit.
Are they new? If so, use a tiny bit of water to clean off the incredible amount of shit that they cake on those shoes. There was literally a 3rd of a can of polish on mine.After that, treat them like any other shell.
^^^ Definitely. I prefer not to mix black and blue/tan/etc, but black and grey is a nice business pairing, no matter the shirt/tie. Men have been wearing black shoes with charcoal suits for as long as charcoal suits of been around.
New Posts  All Forums: