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Honestly, I think that suit is a little frumpy if you want that sort of look. It wears like a short but more or less otherwise traditionally cut suit. It's fine though - I'm not one split hairs on a $400 suit.
I don't think there's any "correct" sleeve length, since it's a dynamic thing. For my taste, the shirt sleeves are too short, and the jacket sleeves, relative to the shirt, are too short as well. The jacket sleeve APPEARS to be above his wrist bone, which is short. What do I know though? I think this too short.
I think it looks pretty decent. Obviously the slacks are too short, as are the sleeves (at least to my taste). Depending on how short you want everything, there are two things to worry about:1) Can the slacks be let down enough? Forget about a cuff2) What will the sleeve buttons look like after you let down the sleeve? They might be getting a bit "up there", since they already are a bit far to start.More generally, I don't like that fit, but if that's what you're going for...
I'm a 36s in everything, including the slim SuSu cuts. I was surprised as well
Material shouldn't matter enough to change sizes.
Updated Listing Lets get the last of these a new home. I still have: 1 white 1 blue university stripe. Worn once and washed three times. Never dried or starched. They have had a second button added to the cuff, about an inch smaller than usual. The original button remains. I'm asking $25 each, or take both for $40. Shipped first class CONUS. ___________________________________________ Hello SF, I'm thinning out my closet and looking to move some old style...
Are you looking for your suit pants to fit like a girl's yoga pants?
There's nothing baggy about those pants. In fact, they're so tight they hang weirdly.
That's exactly what they said to me. They stuck it on the last and told me "fits fine". Yours is worse though.
Too bad they won't offer a short length. I'm really glad to see more competition in the $500-$750 range.
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