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Take what? The bellyaching of a piss ant shithead with too much time on his hands?
Yet you're the one who claims to be so above this shithole forum that you don't bother to post... Even though you're posting repeatedly is the worst thread on SF. Nice work!
I had that shoe and it was very nice. It's a shame I had to send it back due to AE's absolutely piss poor build quality and QC. Once and only once did I bother buying a Shell AE - never again.
You and the OP need to get off SF and get a room.
Filson recently "improved" the 257 by fixing the placement of the little dividers inside the case. They may have upped the price at that point (I don't know). The BB case is the 257 with the old style, superior for my use, compartment.
The last is one of my better fitting options. They were comfortable the second I put them on. However, the soles are rock hard, wear like iron, and are barely starting to soften from use. If I walked 2 miles every time I wore them it would be a different story. However, walking around a carpeted classroom or sitting in my office doesn't tend to generate a ton of milage.
I went through this as well, got the 257 and used it for 2 years - I'm picking up my 256 tomorrow. Given your situation, you're either going to be carrying a slightly too big, or a slightly too small, bag depending on what you buy. The 257 is much thicker than the 256 and the real increase in useful interior space isn't nearly commensurate with the size difference.
it works in store.
Until the 20th iirc.
My wing tips aren't near broken in after approximately 20 wears.
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