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That's true, but I can't seem to find a loafer that offers all day, walk around a bit, comfort.
That's very correct. Whiskey tends to darken with wear, while Ravello gets lighter. They often meet in the middle after a couple years.
You can select it, but not add it to your basket. Their website is lame. In any case, I've asked Robert and Jim about it a million times.
Mine live in their bags, on shelves.
I'm not seeing it:https://www.aldenshop.com/DrawSearchBySize.aspxCan you post a link?
Yep. C in 8-13 is as narrow as they go, for the 975.
It could also be that your size is on the list of sizes that can be regularly ordered. The old Alden catalogs said exactly what sizes were available.
Hello Mike,I will call DC and Madison, but here's what the SF store said this morning:"Yes, A, B and C can be made.Production will take about 20 weeks, payment in advance will be required, and no cancellations or returns.When you are ready to order, please let us know and we will process for you."After many in-store purchases at the SF location, I'd be pretty disappointed to find out that their return policy was more draconian than the other stores. They will certainly not...
I'm the opposite. I tried on a pair of 8000 last JLs and my wife said it looked like I had baby feet.
I think Rancourt is my sweat spot for casual shoes. I'd wear them with suits, sportcoats, etc. I'm an academic so nobody will boo-hoo bluchers and a suit.
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