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There is some good stuff in this last batch!
Hello SF Peeps, I have for sale some very nice, used Alden Shells. These were purchased from Alden SF: https://www.aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProducts.aspx?CategoryID=106&ParentID=94&PageID=&Action= These have been worn approximately 20 times (only brushed, no product added, never in water), but sadly the Barrie just doesn't work for my foot shape. Robert the Cobbler (good guy Alden SF employee) fitted these with stick on heel pads which have been removed prior to sale. See...
Thanks for the mention! I'll take $30 off the price for anyone who mentions this thread when buying.
Updated Listing Hello SF Peeps, I have for sale two one rare shell belt. Size 36 (a competent cobbler can resize them to any size 34 or below for very little cost). The Whiskey is BB branded and made by their Canadian supplier. The #8 Alden belt has been worn approximately 10 times and includes its box and bag. The BB belts don't come with dedicated boxes. I'm looking for $225 for the BB belt and $150 for the Alden. Both net and shipped CONUS. Worldwide shipping may...
Hello SF Peeps, I have for sale some extremely rare (one pair of each size in each style) Alden Shells. These were specially produced for the opening of Leather Soul Beverly Hills, many many years ago: http://leathersoul.com/2010/05/28/alden-shoes-two-new-nsts-for-lsbh/ The Whiskey pair has been tried on and creased, but never worn (see the sole pictures). The Ravello Monks have never been tried on. They come with box and bags (plastic and cloth). I'm looking for $650...
That's what tailoring is for.
Are they too long? If so, order the 10. If not, the 10 will be too short.
You can definitely do both. Taking in the jacket should be easy to get a successful outcome. Slimming sleeves, in my experience, is hit or miss. Some tailors charge a surprising amount (at least relative to waist suppression and stuff like that) to slim the sleeves.I think it looks fine, and you should feel totally comfortable wearing it. You might try their low end MTM option. It's not very expensive and you're not looking for huge changes, so they're unlikely to screw it...
Honestly, I think that suit is a little frumpy if you want that sort of look. It wears like a short but more or less otherwise traditionally cut suit. It's fine though - I'm not one split hairs on a $400 suit.
I don't think there's any "correct" sleeve length, since it's a dynamic thing. For my taste, the shirt sleeves are too short, and the jacket sleeves, relative to the shirt, are too short as well. The jacket sleeve APPEARS to be above his wrist bone, which is short. What do I know though? I think thishttp://www.primermagazine.com/2013/learn/primers-definitive-guide-to-proper-sleeve-lengthis too short.
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