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I love suit supply, they're cheap and the natural shoulder is pretty good. My current favorite suit is a SuSu Havana. The two things that look terrible on that jacket, besides the too-tight:1) It's the length of a woman's jacket2) the button point is practically at nipple level.Even if you like the too-tight look, that jacket is way short and the button point is way off. It makes the wearer look hippy like a woman. It's an incredibly unflattering look.Most people working...
It's too small, but it's your call. I think it looks terrible. Men's clothes aren't supposed to fit like that. I'm not some grandpa in sack suits either. I like a slim fit, but that's comical.
Sorry, but that blazer looks two sizes too small.
I'd agree that burgundy is the most versatile color. It goes great with blue or grey.
The jacket does look a tad short, assuming the pants are pulled up. I think you would benefit from s less extended shoulder as well.
The pictures are pretty worthless. Based on the bad pics, those jackets look super short and too tight. Get a decent picture from the back and I could be more help.
Shoe fit is 100% personal, but many suggest going down only .5 from your US size when you buy EG. Iirc lobb is the usual minus 1.
I wouldn't expect anything to fit very well with a 12 inch drop.
There are very few upper patterns I've ever seen fully closed on a derby. They have way more adjustment potential than any closed lacing shoe.
The derby is great for low and high arches. That design is much less sensitive than a balmoral. With that said, I don't care for that three hole derby. It's like a shoe/chukka hybrid and I tend to have trouble with chukkas.
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