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Paying 350-450 to alter a suit supply suit is insanity. I don't care what you have done, it simply makes zero sense.
I'd take a garment with the proper shoulder dimensions and a good fit over either.
Measuring a suit isn't hard. If you were getting a difference of .1 inches, it might be your technique. That's clearly not the case here.
That's all the AV threads imo.
But what about hand stitched plus exercises?
Shoes look fine. I think he has largish feet and it's a close cut welt. That exact shoe with a reverse welt would be less long looking.
I'm looking for my ideal fit in this particular last.
Vass is available in widths as well. The F last is available in narrow, regular, and wide RTW. There's also an extra narrow that can be obtained MTM, and I'd assume an extra wide is as well.I'm still unsure of my size. The crowd suggests it's either a 40.5 narrow, or maybe a 40. However the couple odd men out who wear a 39.5 make me a little nervous. I'd really like to pick up a 40 or 40.5 on the cheap for sizing purposes. It can be a bit tough to know, right off the bat,...
My wife rolls her eyes every time I pull it out.
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