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Gents - I just received my first suit supply piece which is a Linen Havana jacket. I am 6'1 with long arms so I usually fluctuate between 40L and 40R depending on maker. I ordered a 40L and I am now curious if anyone knows the measurement differences between a 40L and 40R. I think the 40L may be a touch too long and i worry about shortening the jacket hem. I was thinking about ordering another 40R and returning one of them but i was hoping to get some input first.
Can anyone provide shirt makers in the US that have similar/comparable sizing to TM Lewin slim fit? BB slim fit are great in the shoulders but i need to have them tailored because of excess fabric everywhere else. I'm not against ordering from TM Lewin online however it would be nice to pick up some shirts at a brick and motar store. Does BB ESF compare well?
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Your job qualifications and experience are all that matter. Unless of course you are interviewing for a job shaking hands. ^^this. Unless you somehow have the most awkward handshake ever, it couldn't matter any less.
Quote: Originally Posted by TurboBruce CFA is definitely not useless. Around here some banks won't even consider hiring you if you don't have it... They do however have a reputation of being a bit picky about that. Connections are probably what would help you the most. For example, I was hired for my first investment job after a friend in the industry forwarded my CV to a portfolio manager. I got an interview because of that and no one ever asked me...
Boston/Brookline is pretty easy to figure out. I was in Brookline for a couple years about 4 years ago. The best supermarket in the area is Whole Foods on Washington St. right at the Brookline/Brighton line. If your not into the organic food thing, there is a Star Mkt (shaws) on Beacon St. right in between Washington Sq. and Cleveland Circle which is pretty good and they just renovated about 2 years ago. As suggested above, try fugakyu and also make sure to go to...
[quote=voxsartoria;3254974]A Few Days Early Tuesday: I'm a couple street over from Louisburg Sq. Unfortunatly more college kids than John Kerrys on my street. Great photo.
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 Yea, so I would normally tack on a $1+ in the US for a beer for tip, but in the UK you wouldn't I may offer to "buy" the bartender a drink every few rounds which they can take in drink or in cash, but a US style tip would be not be appropriate in most places. K Not appropriate is right, First time in London, I bought a round of pints and left a couple pounds on the bar. The guy standing next to me...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles MASShole. Already taken
It really depends on what your doing for BBH. Great FX/Currency dept. but thats pretty much where it ends. Pay scale is comparable to every other Boston custodial bank. Honestly cant believe they survived last year and didnt get eaten up by one of the publics. If all you're looking for is getting sh*tfaced every thursday night and doing the bare minimum, this is the palce.
Quote: Originally Posted by millionaire75 Thanks for the replies. I know I gotta leave. Just f*cking kills me to leave with my tail between my legs. I wouldnt call it leaving with you tail between your legs if you find a better opportunity elsewhere. If you have made the improvements you say you did, your current group will be the ones that suffer. I would just start looking for new jobs (discreetly ofcourse) and better your situation.
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