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durrr... I somehow completely missed the "CXL" in that post. Was thinking about getting another pair of BH's at 8" in brown or natural chromexcel to rotate out with my distressed smooth 6" BH at work. The latter get beat up enough already, maybe CXL's not the way to go.
I have no experience with Filson's soy wax material, but I wouldn't consider their tin cloth to necessarily be the gold standard. Though I love it still, my Tin Cruiser has been patched & rewaxed so many times it's approaching Theseus Paradox territory. I've only had it four years, so I find these claims of decades of use to be baffling. Perhaps it's the imported cotton fabric that's to blame?
Off topic, but this thread has been cracking me up - strange that Smokejumpers have yet to make an appearance... "SW&D: End of the World Challenge - Your Last Outfit"
You could check http://www.styleforum.net/t/405362/the-great-cascadia-boot-thread/'The Great Cascadia Boot Thread'
I have a 6" pair of Bounty Hunters with a standard height heel & speed hooks all the way up, plus a pair of Semi-Dress (5") with a 1/4" reduced heel. I actually work in the first pair daily, moving heavy shit around, hopping on & off loading docks, in & out of trucks, etc. The second pair is for my afterwork life, Mr. Rogers style. -I would definitely go with the reduced heel on any future pair, and I haven't noticed any difference in arch support (note these boots are...
...now I just need a spare $2,500
Game Over! Damn. Himel Brothers Canuck Railroad Brakeman Jacket in, I assume, horsehide.
Various replies here: -I always Obenauf my leather laces -The left lace snapped twice (in different locations, eyelet-wise), the right once. -These were on an all-eyelet pair of Semi-Dress just a couple of months old. Part of the reason I put in the oiled leather laces was they do grip better, leaving a tighter fit that would've been better for finishing off this break-in. The funny part is, when I travel I generally pack a spare boot lace, "just in case." Didn't...
Woven laces on my semi-dress boots were about to fray through, so the night before heading to Europe for 10 days I put in some brand-new White's leather laces. They snapped three separate times on my trip! The laces ended up so short on each boot I could only span about 3 eyelets. Finally found a shoe repair joint in Amsterdam that sold waxed 120cm laces (~48") a couple days before I headed back Stateside. Never had this happen before - the leather laces on my work...
Anyone have pictures of a pair in Natural Chromexcel after a year or two of regular use? (@hollowsleather?)
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