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Anyone have Arpenteur on sale? Unionmade has free shipping this weekend but otherwise full-price
Yup won't work on Alden either - both brands listed on their extensive collection of "exclusions" to the Cyber sale
woah! 10% off on custom builds at Baker's this Monday is making me put together an order fast. Would like this pair to be a bit dressier than my Smooth Distressed no-celastic captoe 6" Swing Last Bounty Hunters I wear at work daily. Thinking all Brown Dress SDs on Swing Last (feet bones hafta wear that, sorry Haters), all antique brass eyelets, close trim, Cuban heel dropped 1/4", 700 sole (the 430 soles on my BHs have begun to squeak like hell, very annoying, would like...
Nope! J.Crew says "This item is excluded from all promotional discounts" when you put Alden 405s in your 'shopping bag'
I know this is likely impossible, but ANYONE offering Alden 405's on discount?
Guess I won't bother to start a Gilt account then
backcountry.com has 20% off on what Filson items they carry
Same here - I ordered 4 pair. Nearly threw a jar of Obenauf's on the ticket as well... but I doubt I'll finish what I have on hand this winter
Heads up - White's has Free Shipping this week on website orders. Great time to stock up on extra laces, which normally cost more to ship than purchase....
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