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Wow! That's surprising to hear. No opportunities yet on my end to handle Stoffa's goods in person, so I appreciate the info
Beautiful hat, @sebastian mcfox - have you got caught in the rain with it yet? Wondering how the rabbit felt handles that vs. beaver
I can post a photo later, but I have a pair of Brown Dress SD & have found that a quick brushing followed by a dab of Obenauf's LP does a decent job of blending-in scuffs
Here's an interesting half-belted version from another Japanese brand, Freewheelers & Co.
"Will sambam regret the torrent of inquiry his innocuous Oxford photograph prompts?""Will andy get his harness boots?""Will Huberd's shoe grease finally defeat Obenauf's?"NEXT on "CUSTOM WHITE'S BOOTS... THOUGHTS?"!
I have Bounty Hunters with the Cuban heel, one pair at standard height & one pair lowered a 1/4". Visually the difference is barely perceptible, but comfort-wise I much prefer the lowered heel & would recommend it.
I suspect this may have something to do with Vanson traditionally making their heavy DRs for motorcycle purists... and a lotta bikers have pretty thick necks. The fashion market crossover is an after-effect. If some Harley dude drops a hard-earned $600-700 on a Vanson only to find it chokes him out, he & his buds won't be buying from them again. But yeah, collar gap is maddening. Especially baffling when on someone with more than enough coin to drop on a tailor...
I'll second that recommendation for 'Ametora' - fascinating book!
OK, granted - I got a li'l pissy there. I suppose if the suede had a durability akin to the roughout leathers often used on hunting or smokejumper boots I could roll. To each their own! On another tack though, anyone know of storefronts Stateside carrying Freewheelers & Co.? Cuz this Switchyard Coat in "Dead Leaf Brown" horsehide is just... Damn. Size would have to be spot-on (no shoulder gussets or side adjusters), hence the desire to try-on instead of buying blind...
Seriously... I feel like 75% of Styleforum lives in some magical land where it's 72f & sunny every day, no jackets need lining & you never have to worry about things like rain, snow, ice & salt. A suede jacket is like a paper umbrella - sure, maybe it'll look good somewhere, but wtf is the point.
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