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Same here - I ordered 4 pair. Nearly threw a jar of Obenauf's on the ticket as well... but I doubt I'll finish what I have on hand this winter
Heads up - White's has Free Shipping this week on website orders. Great time to stock up on extra laces, which normally cost more to ship than purchase....
Yeah I'm in a similar situation over here in Chicago - cobblers in every neighborhood, but I've bad experiences in the past with 2 I've tried
All good to know, thanks!
Same boots from post #7445 after a quick cleaning with saddle soap- (6" Swing Last, all Distressed Smooth, cap toe, no celastic, standard trim, Cuban heel, 430 sole)
I have a pair of 430-soled Bounty Hunters custom ordered via Kyle at Baker's, about a year old. I wear them every day for work; they see a bit of abuse - nicks & scratches from crates & pallets - but I keep them clean & Obenauf'ed as needed. The heels need replacement now, and though the 430 sole has held up well it's started to squeak like hell! On both boots. Tapping the vibram outer sole beneath the ball of my foot it sounds/feels like it may have separated there from...
Thanks so much for the reply! Do you have the 4" or 7" option? How's the Newporter sole on snow & ice?
Hey all, thrilled to find this thread. As much as I'd love to commission a few suits for myself in the finest wools & linens, such an act would, at this point in life, fit neither my routine nor pay grade. I am, however, interested in having a somewhat rougher pair of trousers made in preparation for winter on the Great Lakes - pants that could work as equally well in unheated docks & warehouses as at gallery openings & billionaires' condos (the art world is a strange...
Excellent thread idea! Subscribed immediately. I've been window shopping Aero jackets for a couple of years now, and it will soon be time to pull the trigger. Remarkably few fit pictures out there though - at least of the models in which I'm interested. Not looking for a bike jacket, need something a bit longer. Ideal coat would be brown or perhaps cordovan Front Quarter Horsehide, something like the front of a Lost Worlds Bedford (or single-breasted Aero Barnstormer)...
I just like how they don't crush my toes
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