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Anyone found a source for 72" (~183cm) flat waxed boot laces? Longest I can find are just 60" & too short to use on my 6" Bounty Hunters.
Good to know. I already have a great pair of White's boots for situations requiring rock solid arch & ankle support. Was considering the 4" all-leather MTT for something like a less-blister inducing moccasin, tall enough to keep out dirt & debris. Very thorough review of the 7" version here - http://secondwindbook.blogspot.com/2012/06/russell-moccasin-thula-thula.html
Anyone here have a pair of the Minimalist Thula Thula? Curious about those
Hey @Royteane here's a pair of Bounty Hunters size 12D, Swing Last, hanging out on the very very turquoise of my girlfriend's chair for contrast. Got them Dec. 2nd after about an 11 week wait. Distressed Brown Smooth leather throughout (darkened by Obenauf's LP), Vibram 430 sole, standard heel & trim, clear edge coating applied by Baker's (though I now wish I would've opted for brown edge dressing), antique hardware, unlined, no celastic. Still hunting for flat waxed...
@ahonobaka how have those Hunter's been treating you these past 2 weeks in Chicago's salt slush?
Same pair - 6" Swing Last Distressed BH with toe caps, no celastic - after a thorough application of Obenauf's LP, a night near the heat register, and a good brushing. Trimmed the tongue protectors back, and put in the new leather laces.
Ordered on September 12th, my 6" Bounty Hunters finally arrived today. Size 12D Swing Last (per Kyle's recommendation based on my foot measurements, tracings, & experience in Red Wings, Chippewa, etc). Stats for the image database: Distressed Smooth leather, soft toe (no celastic) with plain toe cap, standard (Cuban) heel, Vibram 430 soles for work traction, standard trim for strength & repairability. Sole edge left raw by White's & sealed with clear edge treatment by...
Are these Brown Smooth? On a Semi-Dress last?
But are the pac boots available on a swing last? In my Great Lakes experience, those style winter boots always kept your feet warm, but were hell for walks of any length. I often spend all day on my feet outside carrying heavy crates, etc, then hop in an underheated truck, so I need both extreme warmth & walkability/arch/ankle support. And unfortunately if I were to order a pair of Hunters now it'd likely be February by the time I got them...
Yeah I'll be curious to hear how they perform this winter, @ahonobaka. The bitter cold, salt & slush of a Chicago winter can be very tough on footwear, so I was hesitant to go with the Hunters as there's not much out there review-wise. About to go for the nuclear option & get a pair of Muck arctic boots instead... fugly as hell but they should get the job done.
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