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I'm at the 5 week mark as of today on a pair of Bounty Hunters, no word yet from Baker's
hmm... would these be the boots you're talking about, @LouieBailie?
And hey I'd like to second @conak's post from last week inquiring about White's insulated "Hunter" model. Anyone here have experience with that boot? (or can anyone point me to a more appropriate thread?) I'm in great need of a warm, watertight well-fitting very cold weather boot to get through a lot of outdoor time during winter in Chicago. I find most ice-fishing style boots (Muck Boots, etc) while very warm, fit too loose to allow long hours of walking comfortably. ...
Just cleared Week 3 of waiting on my order. Must have greater patience...
...having frequent occasion to bike or drive by the Horween tannery here in Chicago (I work just about a mile straight west), I gotta say the stench OUTSIDE on some days makes me hurt for the guys who have to dive right into the source everyday for a paycheck. Hope Horween pays their workers well.
...in related news, I scored a used pair of black smokejumpers on eBay for a scant $34. Heels look quite worn in photos, may need a resoling. But they're 12 E, the size Kyle hesitantly suggested I go for in the SD last were I to insist on not following his recommendation to order a swing last boot. Should be arriving Monday or Tuesday; curious to see how the SJ last fits in wide, if it's worth it to get them resoled or just save them for the dirtiest demolition days.
@gregornz - my boots will be 'standard' trim (a.k.a. double stitch). I know that's not what most prefer on the Swing Last, but I'll be using these boots for heavy work, lifting, crouching, etc., and Kyle recommended going with the standard over close trim to better withstand heavy use & resolings. I'm going with form-follows-function here. You can see my full spec list on this earlier post.
I'm at the two week point since placing my order with Baker's... and yes the wait is hard. Current old Chippewa work boots are falling apart on my feet - sole split in two places, seam between vamp & upper is ripped on the outside of my right foot - a new pair of White's will be mighty welcome to arrive early. And @sault these will be soft toe (non-celastic) with a plain toe cap, unlined 'brown distressed' leather on a #38 swing last. Curious to see how that toe may...
Many thanks to all here, especially those posting photos with specs, and information about differences in lasts. After reading all 5,000 posts & asking a few questions, I finally placed my order last Friday. I went from initially thinking I'd want a pair of brown horse hide semi-dress with 700 soles to this, based on what I found on this forum, leather samples sent by Baker's, & two brief phone conversations with Kyle once Baker's had received my tracings. These will be...
James - I've heard some people get their trousers hemmed with the stitching up ~4" from the actual bottom of the trouser leg specifically to avoid the boot-hook catching you describe, sometimes called a "military hem." Maybe something to keep in mind for the future?
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