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@sambam is this "tpu" rubber non-marking? I often work in homes with beaucoup expensive flooring so that's a make or break deal for me
Woah! I didn't know there were 54" 1k Mile laces, thanks @linafelt I'll have to look those up
Here's my other pair, in the shop this morning - 6" Swing Last Bounty Hunters in Distessed Smooth. Standard trim, height & heel; antique eyelets with 3 hooks up top. Plain captoe. Unlined, cut top. This 430 sole is much better on this smooth concrete than the 700 (? the Chevron partern one), especially when there's sawdust everywhere. The 430 wears down quick though & squeaks loud enough to announce your approach way down the hall. I believe this pair is 2 years old....
Brown Dress SD's on the truck dash this afternoon. Ordered one year ago today from Baker's - Swing Last, 1/4" dropped standard heel, close trim, all antique eyelets, lined in a "red" that looks orange-brown. Had ordered no celastic toe, only to realize they did indeed build it with celastic after I'd broken them in enough to feel it. Bummer, otherwise love the boots. Use the black Wolverine 1000 Mile laces, infinitely better than those White's supplies. Strangely much...
25% off site-wide at https://lodgegoods.com/, including a bunch of Filson bags & luggage. Free shipping to CONUS as well!
Yo heads up! 10% off site-wide at https://www.bakershoe.com/ from midnight tonight until noon on Monday (I can only assume this would include White's builds). Code "cyberweekend"
Hey now, I thought White's had stopped making boots in horse hide?...
Not my sale, etc. etc., but anyone wearing a size 8 here may want to check out this pair of the Minimalist Thula Thula style in Chromexcel... pretty damn beautiful!
I would think not! And "Level 2" was just a reference to the opening post of this thread. Thanks for the suggestion
Hey all - seeking information for a friend. She has a beloved wool coat, mid-thigh length, with a lining that's now gone to tatters. She lives in Bushwick, works near both Union Square & Woodside Queens. Does anyone here have recommendations in those areas for a solid "Level 2" tailor able to replace that lining? Many thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: