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@NorthCoast yup I use 54" brown waxed laces on my Brown Distressed 6" Bounty Hunters, but I suspect they wouldn't be long enough for an 8" tall pair. Anyone here know a good lace length for an 8" White's boot?
Are the ones from 'The Right Lace' available in longer lengths? At some point I'd like to get another pair of Swing lasted work boots, but at an 8" height for greater ankle support. If I could get waxed laces to fit those, it'd be ideal. Much cleaner look than the leather ones when dealing with clients.
Damn! Those are some nice dancin' shoes.
Just received three new pairs of laces in the mail from Wolverine (the waxed laces for their "1000 Mile" boots work perfect for White's SD at 45", the 54" are good for 6" pairs)... and they arrived in a large 16"x9"x6" cardboard box. For 3 pairs of shoelaces & a receipt. Cuz 'MERICA
Yes, Stoffa staff are remarkably prompt with replies to e-mail inquiries (often same-day). They even remembered to follow up with an email months afterward to let me know an item was back in stock.
Thanks - I'm realizing now that many of these listings have multiple size options, which is likely why no size is listed in the header. Just browsed through the full 109, and fortunately for my checking account there's nothing remotely near the 12/12.5/13 D/E range. Lots of sizes 7-10 though, maybe tests for the Japanese market.
More than 100 boots up on the White's eBay page right now - wish they'd list the size in each header, it's a mess to click through all those sales looking for a pair in your size.
Nice! Do you know which of the Aero/Horween horsehides that is? Brown FQHH? Or a super-worn Black?
You and me both. Have my eye on the 1920s Work Coat. Saw one in 38 for about 30 seconds on eBay last weekend that had an inside pocket, something I thought wasn't permitted as an option on that jacket. Naturally it disappeared instantly. Love that they've brought out higher armholes & a slimmer fit with the "Premier Range," but dammit I need somewhere to put this smartphone - gimme those inside chest pockets! Interestingly, that eBay jacket had the inside pocket...
Though... that closing line: "These are our most popular lasts." Suggests to me there are possibly even further options. I wonder, does White's have some high-arch variant of a Munson last kicking around?
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