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Are these Brown Smooth? On a Semi-Dress last?
But are the pac boots available on a swing last? In my Great Lakes experience, those style winter boots always kept your feet warm, but were hell for walks of any length. I often spend all day on my feet outside carrying heavy crates, etc, then hop in an underheated truck, so I need both extreme warmth & walkability/arch/ankle support. And unfortunately if I were to order a pair of Hunters now it'd likely be February by the time I got them...
Yeah I'll be curious to hear how they perform this winter, @ahonobaka. The bitter cold, salt & slush of a Chicago winter can be very tough on footwear, so I was hesitant to go with the Hunters as there's not much out there review-wise. About to go for the nuclear option & get a pair of Muck arctic boots instead... fugly as hell but they should get the job done.
Alright! Baker's says boots are on the road. Estimated delivery next Tuesday; will post pics & specs for the design database that is this thread.
Just received an email from Kyle this evening; boots left factory on Friday, Baker's should have them dropped in the post by Thanksgiving
...and I'm still waiting on my Distressed Smooth BHs, ordered Sept 12th. Maybe they only have a few cobblers who handle swing last orders?
@cathpah the pic link is working. Are these the distressed BH you had Baker's apply a "light brown" or clear edge dressing to?
Yeah I'd also love to hear reviews from any Grizzly owners - looking to get a black CXL pair lined in sheepskin to get through this upcoming Chicago winter
FYI, I'll be at 9 weeks this Friday; Baker's said "Maybe next week" before they get the boots from the factory, inspect them & ship. Six weeks sounds optimistic to me
I'm over the 8 week mark waiting on my soft-cap-toe Bounty Hunters (swing last in Distressed Brown, 6"). Will post some pics up here for you once they finally arrive
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