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Hey @gregornz - you know which leather choice that is for the upper/counter? Or the roughout portion for that matter? Thanks!
How's this Huberd's compare to Obenauf's? Never had heard of it before; I've been happy with Obenauf's LP. Cursory googling suggests the primary difference is the addition of pine tar in Huberd's, and an even draw in quality / long-term effects. Anyone here have personal long-term experience using each?
Hey @trvlr472 which leather are your boots made of? Dress Brown?
Brief digression - the double-soled, handstitched leather boot Edmund Hillary used to climb Everest
hmm. Haven't yet contacted Baker's about an order, but was hoping I'd be able to have them send White's boots to try on in the requested size, width & last before a custom ordered is placed. Sounds like folks here have done that before... I assume some deposit/purchase or at least credit card info is first required.
Thanks @LouieBailie - yes, I have the foot tracing form from a White's catalog, was planning on doing that in my boot socks along with the 10 to 18 different foot measurements they want (depending on boot height). Good point about the celastic toe preventing some stretching in the horsehide.
@CityofChamps - love that 3rd pair (Any idea of the leather there?). Not so much a fan, aesthetically, of the roofer's style (lace-to-toe), but if your footbones require that for a proper fit then have at it! On, and socks - the Redheads are also Made in the USA, which I dig.
Yup I'm already president of the National Wool Council. I usually go with Redhead hunting socks, or SmartWool/REI when they come up on sale. Have a few pairs of GoldToe 'PowerSox' padded cotton boot socks for real hot days. http://blogs.basspro.com/blog/bass-pro-shops-harrisburg-pa/redhead-lifetime-guarantee-socks
I've been lurking on this board for many months, and have by now read all 3,965 posts. Thank you all for the education, and especially the photos of various leathers & builds, links to extensive spec photos on Japanese sites, etc. Very helpful. Finally have the money set aside to order a pair - of course right at the start of fire season when I'm sure build times are shooting up to 12 weeks or more - but am still undecided on the leather & two other options. Leaning...
Wow. That German guy is... obsessed. Great image resource though, many thanks. In other news, these are not my size, but someone should snap 'em up - gorgeous! (Any guesses as to which of the many brown leather options was used?) http://www.ebay.com/itm/USA-VTG-WHITES-Logger-Smoke-Jumper-Work-Boots-Brown-Mens-9-5-E-/271452028890?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3f33cd3fda
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