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It's about 10 degrees out in Chicago tonight, making me wish I had a shearling-lined barnstormer. I'd like Aero's better if it were more fitted, with a half-belt & bi-swing shoulders: This now-unavailable one from 'Westage' in Korea is on the right track: ...though to be fair, that doesn't have the full sheepskin lining, just a collar. Pure-style minimally-lined leather jackets for South Cal are one thing, but I appreciate the challenge of avoiding the North Face...
Anyone here have a Himel Bros, or an Aero shearling? Curious to see shots in the wild
Good to know, thanks to you both. Unfortunately as it turns out the sleeves on this LBM 1911 blazer are too short to be salvaged, so I'll have to do a catch & release.
Nice! Making me wish I had gotten my Brown Distressed Swing Last Bounty Hunters at 8" instead of 6"
Thought this little video may be of interest here - soon-to-retire Oregon bookmaker desperately seeks protégé http://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/421533/georges-boots
Hey thought I'd try blowing the dust off this old thread - I just ordered a unlined/unstructured Italian wool blazer in a 42 that I'll need taken in to my ~40L frame. Shouldn't be too difficult but I'd rather send it to someone well versed in mens' suits for a perfect fit. Any recommendations?
hmm just got an "invalid" on the CW5FFJEK yoox code
Have a pair of double-soled ring mocs I got a couple of years ago, love them to death. Anyone know where Arrow orders their leather from? It's incredible & I'd love a batch to work on for my own projects
Thanks, I didn't think so - was just surprised to see a slot for 'Discount Code' at checkout & thought it'd be worth asking
Any discount codes floating around for Stoffa?
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