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I'd vote for the Mackinaw wool cruiser on your first question. Comfortable across a surprisingly broad temperature range, and the pocketing is super useful for stashing hat, gloves, scarf etc.On the second point I'd wager a Mackinaw vest would be perfect under motorcycle leather. I wear one under a Carhartt Detroit Duck jacket when working outdoors during particularly cold weather & it gets the job done without binding or feeling overstuffed in the jacket.
12D, though I feel a bit wider would be better at the ball of my foot. And yes unstructured toe, which is great!
I'm at work right now in a pair of standard trim, cap-toe, Swing-lasted 12's & I'd say they don't look too crazy, size-wise.
All you DR fans might be interested in this auction for a brown horsehide Aero in size 38 (which I understand fits more like your standard 40) - no connection to seller, etc, just came across my radar: http://m.ebay.com/itm/Aero-Leather-size-38-Double-Jacket-Front-Quarter-Horsehide-Brown-MOTORCYCLE-/272379658417?nav=SEARCH
What socks are you wearing? In the winter I use these with my unlined White's BH, and my feet only begin to get cold when the temperature reaches single digits (Farenheit).http://m.basspro.com/RedHead-Lifetime-Guarantee-AllPurpose-Socks-for-Men/product/34713/
A Filson mackinaw cruiser in black wool might fit the bill here - just different enough to stand out in a sea of peacoats, and available in suitcoat sizes (i.e., not just S-M-L) so you can dial in a decent fit.
This in a shearling-lined horsehide please & thank you
Wolverine 1000 Mile laces work great for White's SD, & are *just* long enough for 6" Bounty Hunters.https://www.therightlace.com/products/shoe-brand/wolverine-1000-mile/boot
A dash of graphite dust may help - the kind sold in tubes for lubricating locks.
I have ordered leather laces from White's before - can't compare them to Viberg's though as I have no experience with the latter brand. The White's leather laces are pretty robust, thick enough that speed hooks are anything but speedy the first few weeks. Obenaufing helps with the stiffness, and they have a very slight elasticity over the instep that makes long days on my feet more bearable. Also great if you're welding, as the sparks won't melt them through like nylon...
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