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I recently launched a small line of dress shoes for men. The shoes from the benchgrade line are made in Spain with Goodyear welt construction. I created the brand because I saw a lack in the American market of affordable shoes that are well made and and classically styled. The benchgrade shoes are made with leather uppers from France and Spain and with a leather insole, outsole and welt. There are none of the usual cost cutting measures such as corrected grain uppers,...
It'll be in a jacket pocket 90% of the time so I am willing to try.
I will soon!
Joseph A Bank has 70% off sitewide. Clothes are generally crap but there are some great deals. Add code FATW10 for $10 off $50 to the first field, and SHIPJULY to the second for free shipping. (I made my purchase through the Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal for 4% cash back / 4 miles per dollar.) Cedar Shoe Trees - $7.50 Brass Collar Stays - $6.45 Made in USA Alligator Belts - $118.50 Made in USA Alligator Wallet - $118.50 There are some other good deals on...
I don't think its fake but it's certainly had some sloppy work done.
Allen Edmonds burgundy shell cordovan Bayfield Boots. Size 11 D Currently just $205 with twenty five minutes to go... LINK
Because you can see the stitching and the seller uses the term lightweight.
Looks like Caruso to me too.
I would stay away from the paisley tie. Go for something solid in a darker tone with a color that picks up something else you are wearing. Get it right and you'l look like a million bucks but it is easy to get wrong. I say go for it.
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