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Great looking suit!
All the shoes run true to size with a D (medium) width. Within that range, the derby is the narrowest and the double monk is the widest. I fit into all three in size 9.5/10.5.
Not for 30GBP they weren't! Standard CT brass.
Charles Tyrwhitt has slim fit Sea Island shirts for 29.95 GBP. I just received one in the mail today and it is really nice for the money. The cotton has a very nice hand and it has decent MoP buttons. LINK
The lack of US 8 and 8.5 is due to a misunderstanding between me and the maker. I will definitely have these sizes for my second shipment.
NWT Oxxford Dress Shirt Sz: 17 - 36 Light Blue Stripes on White Ground Mother of Pearl Buttons French Cuff w/ Silk Knot Links 100% Egyptian 2-Ply 100s Cotton Spread Collar Measurements Collar - 17" Chest - 27.5" across Waist - 26" across Sleeve - 36"
That's a good reason.
I got a shipping confirmation for the wallet and collar stays but no word on the trees.
Where are the reports?
Lots in my size.
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