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At a wedding this evening with Mrs Lock and the little Locks, one of whom is pictured. On me: Andrew Lock MTM in Loro Piana Super 170s Wool Kamakura Tokyo Slim shirt T&A Tie Italo Ferretti PS Andrew Lock Beaumont Oxfords The suit buttons are grey MoP but they are reflecting the colors around us in the picture.
I use (discontinued) Allen Edmonds Premium Saddle Brown polish. I'll send you a complimentary tube today.Anyone else buy monks and need polish? I have a few tubes left. (Applies to future orders too!)
I picked up two Tokyo slim shirts last week. They look and feel fantastic and the neck and sleeves fit me to a T. Unfortunately, the fit in the torso was very close and I'm afraid that they may become too tight after washing. Time to hit the gym!
Benchgrade shoes are finally in stock from size 7.5 US and up! Goodyear welted goodness for a mere $250.
Hey Everyone. The shoes finally cleared customs and will be delivered to me today. I have a lot of shipping ahead but will be completely caught up by the end of the week. Each box will include a small gift as a token of my appreciation for everyone's patience.
Thanks! Wore it tonight sans tab. Also this bowtie.
Feeling colorful.
I had them tailored at the same shop that does my custom work.
Yup. Unbeknownst to me it was already sold out.
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