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The nicest lapel buttonhole that I have ever seen was on an old Alan Flusser suit that I saw hanging at my tailor a few months ago. I have no idea who made it but I can say that the only suit in this thread whose over all workmanship is similar is the A&S in the first post.
3 Roll 2 - Finished on reverse side:
URL in today's WSJ is Says that it is only for readers in NYC but I doubt it is true.
Each manufacturer does it differently and I like being able to compare one to another. I doubt that anyone would argue that the Zegna or bottom Kiton in the OP are pretty regardless of the fact that they are on popular $6,000+ suits.
I like the craftsmanship of the TF but that giant buttonhole feels like wearing a logo to me. They also lose most of their points by using machine buttonholes futr the fastening buttons.
Caruso does a nice asola lucida too. I have seen it on Lanvin 15 Fabourg suits. I found some old pictures of the suits on my computer but it is impossible to see the buttonholes.
Ralph Lauren Purple Label by Caruso
I sold this Hickey Freeman Presidential sportcoat two years ago. The buttonholes from this (unappreciated) collection were finished on both sides.
I love hand sewn buttonholes so I am starting a thread dedicated to them. The pictures are all from suits that I have in my home or office. Feel free to add your own. Hand sewn only, please. And an embarrassing Kiton in the window of Knize last week.
My new F/W MTM sportcoat... I'm currently making the top one for a customer: I'm waiting for someone to order this:
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