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Cufflinks. Available now. Twelve awesome styles. There are lots of people selling cufflinks online but mine are completely awesome so I would like to make an offer offer: Buy them. Feel them. Try them. If you are not super impressed you can send them right on back for a full refund. LINK
SALE! SALE! SALE! PSA: I just posted some awesome handmade sample shoes on my website at a very reduced price. They are all size 8 UK / 9 US. (PS: Coupon code SF10 works!) SALE LINK For those not lucky enough to be a size 9, I would like to announce the 2013 Andrew Lock Holiday Sale. For internet folks, use coupon code LUCKY13 for 13% off all shoes and ties. Mention Styleforum in the note when checking out and I'll include a matched jar of Saphir creme. LINK For...
Double post. Deleted.
A sportcoat like that is $1095. In general, custom sportcoats start at $595.
Thanks! That's my new shop in the background.
I'm about to deliver this sportcoat but I couldn't let it go without first taking a few pics!
Thanks! Appreciate the kind words. I hope you enjoy them for many more years.
Thanks! I'll be in Los Angeles November 10-13 for private fittings to make custom suits, sportcoats and trousers. Please call, email or message to schedule a fitting. 516.619.6264 or alock@andrewlockshoes.com
Andrew Lock suits in VBC flannel.
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