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I'm about to deliver this sportcoat but I couldn't let it go without first taking a few pics!
Thanks! Appreciate the kind words. I hope you enjoy them for many more years.
Thanks! I'll be in Los Angeles November 10-13 for private fittings to make custom suits, sportcoats and trousers. Please call, email or message to schedule a fitting. 516.619.6264 or alock@andrewlockshoes.com
Andrew Lock suits in VBC flannel.
I'm really enjoying Ardbog. A little water opens it up but I prefer it au naturel. Definitely my favorite release in a while.
Here's another nice shot from the recent photo shoot. Wes is wearing a kickass handmade MTM suit in lightweight 9.5 oz VBC flannel and Andrew Lock Northampton boots.
Here's a quick video of an Andrew Lock photo shoot in Dumbo yesterday. Pics coming soon!
The boots will have a Dainite sole but they are still a few months away. However, I know that in the past people have added Topy rubber soles to their shoes and boots.
I don't care that it's 80 degrees in NY today. October means boot season is starting! What better way to celebrate than a pair of Northampton boots for $375 (with free shipping and no tax as always)? The Northampton boot is made completely in England and features a hand clicked butterey soft leather upper, a genuine English oak bark sole and good old fashioned Goodyear welt construction. They have no speedlaces and the eyelets are hidden for a clean look. They are also...
New Posts  All Forums: