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It is a first quality wallet with two very subtle asterisks stamped into the leather because it was pulled from retail stock. I've sold them in the past of as much as $150. Retail is $250.If @mimo donates it to a special Christmas auction I will add a pair of cufflinks and tie (or bowtie ) to sweeten the deal.... Also, my shop is open today by appointment. Custom suits with Loro Piana super 120s wool are $795 until the end of the month.
Congrats to mimo! Hope you enjoy.
3 minutes!
I'll post a pic when I ship the winnings so everyone else can see what they missed.
Thanks for all the bids everyone! I just want to say that I want to be challenged regarding the mystery box. At $400 it will contain a new T Moro Valextra card case (and more). I promise lots more value than whatever you pay. Fun too. Let's raise some serious cash!
Cufflinks. Available now. Twelve awesome styles. There are lots of people selling cufflinks online but mine are completely awesome so I would like to make an offer offer: Buy them. Feel them. Try them. If you are not super impressed you can send them right on back for a full refund. LINK
SALE! SALE! SALE! PSA: I just posted some awesome handmade sample shoes on my website at a very reduced price. They are all size 8 UK / 9 US. (PS: Coupon code SF10 works!) SALE LINK For those not lucky enough to be a size 9, I would like to announce the 2013 Andrew Lock Holiday Sale. For internet folks, use coupon code LUCKY13 for 13% off all shoes and ties. Mention Styleforum in the note when checking out and I'll include a matched jar of Saphir creme. LINK For...
Double post. Deleted.
A sportcoat like that is $1095. In general, custom sportcoats start at $595.
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