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I haven't been around much lately but I was appalled to see ads directly inserted in people's posts. It makes the posts falsely look like the sf member approves of the product. Is this a recent "feature?" What's next?
It's been a while since I posted so here are some pics! First up is a recent suit I did in Quaregna super 130s. Next up is Angelo, a local cobbler holding a Beaumont oxfords that he just resoled. He is a great guy and he takes true pride in his work. The complete resole with new cork was just $85.
My personal choice would be or and (the bow tie)
I'm packing up @mimo's shoes and mystery box. Here's what's included: Sweet dub monks - Saphir shoe brush and polish - Domed mother of pearl links - Whimsical spitfire cufflinks - Authentic Andrew Lock MAGIC wine stand. Wine not included - Brown slubby shantung necktie - Here's what's not included - Stay tuned....
@unbelragazzo Lets make this happen!
It is a first quality wallet with two very subtle asterisks stamped into the leather because it was pulled from retail stock. I've sold them in the past of as much as $150. Retail is $250.If @mimo donates it to a special Christmas auction I will add a pair of cufflinks and tie (or bowtie ) to sweeten the deal.... Also, my shop is open today by appointment. Custom suits with Loro Piana super 120s wool are $795 until the end of the month.
Congrats to mimo! Hope you enjoy.
3 minutes!
I'll post a pic when I ship the winnings so everyone else can see what they missed.
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