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I am selling a new in box pair of AE Strands in the fantastic new bourbon color. First quality. Size 9 D Price includes CONUS shipping and PP fees. LINK to
Sweet, sweet bourbon.
Possibly my favorite AE shoes ever. Followed by these.
I would like to add the Andrew Lock holiday gift that I sent out to my custom suit customers. Can't post what it is yet because there are people here who are going to receive it and I want it to be a surprise. It's not clothing related and it is fairly cool. I'll get in touch with the auction winner so no pressure on Fok.
I am selling a brand new Belstaff Roadmaster black waxed cotton jacket. It was purchased for full retail at the NYC flagship store on 12/16/12. Free domestic shipping. This jacket is an icon. Not much else needs to be said.
Thanks for all the quick bids. Just to note: All sizes from 7.5 to 13 will be available soon. A bid for in-stock shoes will ship immediately. Other shoes will ship early February.
Wore my $159 dark brown Parkways for the first time tonight. The leather is really soft and I can't believe how nicely the 3 last fits.
The amount of workmanship on this suit puts Kiton and Brioni to shame. Here's more: [sp [/spoiler]
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