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What sort of prices?
Looks like Southwick.
Brand New VALEXTRA X FRERS DESIGN Garment Bag Hand Made in Italy Factory Perfect Leather & Canvas WaterProof Slim Locking Hanger Carry with Handles or Shoulder Strap Article from Style.com: Valextra has become the luggage of choice for the twenty-first-century jet-setter. Now the Italian luxury brand has come up with a duo of nautically inclined bags for those moments when the twenty-first-century jet-setter swaps his Gulfstream for the Gulf Stream. Developed in...
The Finch and Shelton have the same fit. The tan/blue is way nicer IRL than on AE.com. I posted a pic a few days ago.
Here's a pic I took. It is definitely a lovely shoe. I like how the sole edge shape mirrors the shoe.
Shelton in walnut/brown.
The FSC strand is definitely calf. I just think it's a nice shoe.
New in box Allen Edmonds Fifth Street boots. Size 10.5 D Black Calf #5 Last First Quality Free shipping in the USA Please PM for an international shipping quote.
Some cool styles. Strand for Freeman's Sporting Club: Custom Macneils: Boardroom (Park Ave on #7 Last) Finch in Walnut + Navy:
Milburn is a Sterling Collection suit. The construction is the same as HF Ltd but with an updated cut.
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