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I would like to add the Andrew Lock holiday gift that I sent out to my custom suit customers. Can't post what it is yet because there are people here who are going to receive it and I want it to be a surprise. It's not clothing related and it is fairly cool. I'll get in touch with the auction winner so no pressure on Fok.
Most things are very flexible but within limits. For example, I'll do a different color on one buttonhole but I won't do different colors on all of them. I want each garment to reflect positively on the wearer and my brand. So while I am happy to make a garment that I would not wear, I try to keep it in the limits of good taste. The available lapel widths are 7 cm, ~ 9 cm and 11.5 cm. On the above suit the buttons, buttonholes, pickstitching, lining, collar, sleeves,...
AL custom suit for an NYC based customer. handmade with Loro Piana 170s four season wool.This suit inspired me to make this for myself next! [[SPOILER]]
AL MTM suit and AL Beaumont oxford.
I am selling a brand new Belstaff Roadmaster black waxed cotton jacket. It was purchased for full retail at the NYC flagship store on 12/16/12. Free domestic shipping. This jacket is an icon. Not much else needs to be said.
Reda 12.5 oz. wool. Really soft hand.Hand sewn, unlined, removable collar tab.The pants are VBC 12 oz Super 100s.
Bid today on a pair of Andrew Lock benchgrade shoes and a choice of any two ties. All proceeds go to the Style Forum Annual Holiday Drive, this year for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Choose from sizes 7.5 - 13 D. (Smaller sizes available early 2013). LINK
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