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My new watch is arriving tomorrow. I'll try to post some on-wrist pics too.
Hey Everyone. My next visit to LA will be January 25 - 28. Please get in touch via email, phone or pm to schedule a fitting.
Second fitting for an mtm three piece in Reda birdseye flannel with a purple windowpane. Details include wide lapels, a db vest and unpadded con rollino shoulders.
There is quite a selection above $1k. Among others, I have Minnis Classics, Fresco, QZ 150s and the new tweed book. Also LP WISH 170s, Cashmere Cloud, the new VBC 150s book, some Zegna and Ariston Extra. I am not too familiar current Paul Stuart suiting. All of my suits have a high quality full canvas, hand stitching (either extensive or just where most beneficial) and natural horn, corozo or MoP buttons.
@taxgenius I can do similar fabric and fit with better construction for $795-995.
Prices start at $695. All suits are fully canvassed. You can do really well between $695 and $995. Prices top out at about $2800.
I made a new friend this week. Any one who is in the Long Island area is welcome to stop by for a pretty kick ass cappuccino. There's scotch too.
It looks great! Thanks for posting the pic.
I'll check at the shop tomorrow and shoot you a PM.
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