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Second fitting for an mtm three piece in Reda birdseye flannel with a purple windowpane. Details include wide lapels, a db vest and unpadded con rollino shoulders.
There is quite a selection above $1k. Among others, I have Minnis Classics, Fresco, QZ 150s and the new tweed book. Also LP WISH 170s, Cashmere Cloud, the new VBC 150s book, some Zegna and Ariston Extra. I am not too familiar current Paul Stuart suiting. All of my suits have a high quality full canvas, hand stitching (either extensive or just where most beneficial) and natural horn, corozo or MoP buttons.
@taxgenius I can do similar fabric and fit with better construction for $795-995.
Prices start at $695. All suits are fully canvassed. You can do really well between $695 and $995. Prices top out at about $2800.
I made a new friend this week. Any one who is in the Long Island area is welcome to stop by for a pretty kick ass cappuccino. There's scotch too.
It looks great! Thanks for posting the pic.
I'll check at the shop tomorrow and shoot you a PM.
It's time for our biggest shoe sale ever! Get 20% off all Benchgrade and Handgrade shoes with code 20OFF. Benchgrade shoes are $200. Handgrade shoes are $360. All shoes are Goodyear welted and made in England and Spain. Pro tip: The code works on ties too! andrewlockshoes.com
Hey Everyone. I'll be in Los Angeles 8/10 - 8/13 for fittings. I offer suits, sportcoats, trousers and shirts. The quality is excellent and there are no BS packages to buy in order to get the "real" price. Please PM, email or call if you would like to set up an appointment.
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