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These are lovely shoes and an absolute steal at the current price of $143. The construction is solid, the leather is of good quality and they are fully leather lined. They also happen to be very comfortable. (And this is coming from somebody who actually has them.) Definitely recommended if they have your size. LINK
After nearly seven years I still love my Zenith as much as I did the day I first opened the box. 37mm diameter, 7mm thick.
My new watch is arriving tomorrow. I'll try to post some on-wrist pics too.
Sweet New Ties For Sale They are new private label ties from the maker of Brioni and Italo Ferretti. The quality and construction is the same. The listed price includes worldwide shipping. Keep it simple by checking out through my website. LINK Don't forget code SF10 for 10% off!
I just picked up bottle 1010 of The General from Compass Box. Anyone else try it? I am also enjoying Ardbog and Auriverdes.
I sold quite a few of these since I made a few to individual specifications. I have one 40R remaining.
Up for sale are four new pairs of RLPL sunglasses. They are made in Italy by Luxottica to their top standards. These sunglasses retail for $450. The construction is extremely strong and the lenses are made of tempered glass. Each pair comes with a box, case and RLPL branded cloth. Three pairs will include a leather case and one pair will include a leather and canvas case. The sunglasses measurements are 52mm lens, 19mm bridge, 135mm temple. I'd consider them a medium fit.
I haven't been around much lately but I was appalled to see ads directly inserted in people's posts. It makes the posts falsely look like the sf member approves of the product. Is this a recent "feature?" What's next?
My personal choice would be or and (the bow tie)
I'm packing up @mimo's shoes and mystery box. Here's what's included: Sweet dub monks - Saphir shoe brush and polish - Domed mother of pearl links - Whimsical spitfire cufflinks - Authentic Andrew Lock MAGIC wine stand. Wine not included - Brown slubby shantung necktie - Here's what's not included - Stay tuned....
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