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My favorite Zegna Traveler 9 ounce navy fabric is sold out until next year and I need to commission a new 2 piece suit with neapolitan shoulders. Please can you recommend a similar H&S or J&J Minnis fabric that I can order. I am looking for a fabric that will look very smart and elegant with good shape. Many thanks.
What other tailors in HK use Alumo shirt fabrics?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Actually, what high end materials you are looking for? silk? cashmere? If you are looking for high end brands, they have DJA, Alumo etc. I meant this in terms of shirt fabrics.. Looking for nice high quality cotton.
I can live without the discount for extra shirts but would still be interested in other shirt makers in HK.
Popped into AC today but was not that impressed. Shirts were priced around $1500 and they said there would be no discount regardless of how many I would be interested in purchasing. I also checked out their fabrics and they looked very standard.. I was hoping for something a bit better at that price. Can anyone recommend any other shirt tailors in HK for high end materials?
Its time for a some new bespoke suits and some shirts. My last suit was a Zegna Traveller fabric and I was extremely pleased. I have not ordered clothing form Gordon Yau or Ascot Chang but from the posts on this forum they are clearly some of the best. I have a style requirement in mind so I have chosen Gordon Yao over Chan as the feedback on this site indicates that the service is more personal at GY with more time taken consulting on the fitting. I also prefer higher...
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