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I use Lexol. It's generally available locally and works well. As soon as I get a bag I treat the leather since the straps seem to come dry. Chad
I see that The Best Things still has their Filson overstock listed. It still has the old prices and is being cleared out at 20% off with free shipping. I bought my 257 from them and it was a good transaction. There isn't a wide selection but some good stuff. Chad
I have used the warranty a couple of times with out any problem. I have a wallet and after a couple of years the thread holding the middle part falls out and I return it and get a new one. I call customer service and get a claim number and mail it in. In a few weeks I get a new wallet in the mail. I can't remember if I have to pay for shipping to them or not, I think I do. Chad
I've been noticing the Filson briefcase on TV lately. First on the TV show Hannibal, the character Will Graham has a nicely beat up briefcase. Last night I saw one on the new Wendy's commercial being sported by a food blogger. Chad
I have light computer bags, backpacks and other luggage but they are all stuck in the closet while I use the Filson. Light weight doesn't last long in the hold of a plane. Chad
It was actually a total of 30% off not 40%. It still was a good deal I think. Chad
I just received my 257 in brown. Brown was my third choice but the place I called was having a 30% off sale and was out of every other color. When I hesitated, he dropped the price another 10%. How could I say no! So far I like the color. Of course I've only had it for about 30 minutes so that may change. Here is a picture I took of it after I filled it up. It does a good job of standing on it's own. The color is pretty accurate, at least on my monitor. Chad
There are twelve pages on how ineffective print ads are. I would say they are pretty effective. Chad
Quote: Originally Posted by ChadHahn Another way to tell is that it looks like it has Louis Vuitton written all over the rotor. That is generally done on fake watches. You often see fake Omegas that have that. Chad Do you guys read? You can see my post. I might not have been clear with what I meant by saying "written all over the rotor". Then I showed a picture illustrating what I meant, but still you are trying to be very...
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I would say most watch companies will have their name on the movement, in one way or the other, if it has a showcase back. This is what I'm talking about. Not a real Omega. The LV watch had something similar. Chad
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