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Bailey black fedora. AA ash colored cardigan. Vans black leather skate hi's.
I find that my high top sneakers seem to look the best with my NS for me. Usually Dunks or Vans Chukkas. I need to invest in a pair of Sk8-Hi's though, as I think they would look really good with my NS.
I'm interested in purchasing a Bailey fedora, but can't seem to find any information about their stockists on their website. Does anyone know where I could look at their hats in NYC?
Quote: Originally Posted by nastyandy I'm not sure, check with Cockpit, the new brand founded by the original founders of Avirex (who designed their military clothing). . .according to a press release that I read today, they "recently opened a flagship store, north of Houston on Broadway, in Manhattan" . From those directions, it must be somewhere in Soho, but I've never seen nor heard of it until now. Cool, thanks. If anyone finds the exact...
I really like that short duffle coat too. Does anyone know if the Avirex store in NYC carries that item? Or is that available only outside of the states?
Don't like em either. That distressed look has never caught my eye.
All I want is a digital SLR camera, and a Spiewak Nunatak Duffle coat. Someone else actually getting them for me .. well that's a different story.
I actually like all of these items. I've been contemplating buying one of the cardigans for a while now, just because I don't have one in my wardrobe and I think they asphalt colored cardigan would compliment a lot of the pieces I have already. The poncho is an interesting piece, I'd like to try it on.
Yeah, I been on this site since 2004 .. back when it was called audioscrobbler.
I've been having on an off problems with razor burn too. I'm gonna try that Aveeno gel when I get the chance to go to CVS.
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