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checking the knicks game at work has made the day.
Young Scooter - Columbia
Mark Jackson has these guys playing beyond expectations. Should be in the coach of the year discussion.
Picture of what?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag I just gotta say that broken in is what's up, but certain stains need to be rectified [ll] or the shoes need to go. I had half a birthday cake fall, upside down, on to my Authentics, after which they officially became the rainy weather kicks. Yeah, some kid dropped a bowl of pasta on my Wally's years ago. Not white kicks, but those were ruined. Became the back up pair. Beat up definitely looks...
Went to school for graphic design. Was interning at a motorcycle mag, able to wear whatever I wanted. Now working for a design group doing presentations for city officials, it's business casual here. Usually wearing Uniqlo and B Son. Not really my thing ... I always pack a pair of jeans with me just incase something's goin on after work.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris Rimby Check out Bencraft: http://www.bencrafthats.com/ Thanks a lot man, they have the exact hat I was looking for. I'm gonna head there tomorrow.
Didn't think about looking into bigger department stores, good idea. Gonna give some a look. Anybody else have any other suggestions?
Thank you for the suggestion. I might drop by there tomorrow to check it out. By any chance do you know of any other similar hat stores? I was specifically hoping to find this Fedora in that price range: http://www.hatsinthebelfry.com/page/...ess-hats/73-38
I'm looking to buy a Fedora, I don't have one in my collection so I'd like to go to a store in NYC to try some on. I know a lot of you have this kind of hat in your wardrobe, and for those of you in NYC .. where did you pick your's up? I'd appreciate any suggestions.
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