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Sounds like me and you are about the same build, CPO a medium?
Anybody on here "win" the Ann lottery?
Central Pennsylvania, low of 6 tonight. Looking a little warmer next week.
I'd be interested in both of these, but I'm afraid it would a little to cold for the trip across the pond. Low's in the single digits around here. Have more?
The 202 in the D width is just about the perfect shoe, classic EG. Not to round, not too pointy. Let's keep the pictures coming.
If you can get the Marlows on sale, it's a no brainer. I'm an Alden fan with 20 plus pairs in my rotation, great boots but there are some better options when it comes to shoes, like the wingtip Marlow. I'd like to hear some opinions on C&J's dark brown cordovan vs Aldens cigar. How many of you guys out there have the wingtip Marlow,the penny loafer or the tassel loafer by C&J and have the same style in by Alden in cigar?
How about oil stains on Shell? Just dropped an open bottle of Jojoba oil this morning and it landed directly on my (like new) Whiskey shell Longwings. Left a nice big oil stain. Am I fooked?
Me too. Nice packaging and smells great. Happy camper here!
Just a word of caution. I jumped on the last 25% off sale. Ordered a pair of snuff suede chukkas and #8 Indys. The Indys were out of stock in my size. The chukkas arrived with no problems. To my suprise they charged my card for both pairs even though the Indys will not arrive for 16 weeks or so. I've ordered from them in the past and everything worked out so I'm going to wait it out.
Money sent. Thanks again!
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