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Anyone? Someone must have had this done in NYC and have a price estimate.
Hey, Searched threads and found some good threads in dress shirt tailoring. I see that some places like Cardelinos do it, but with a cheaper single stitch. Any RECENT recommendations for a place that can open the sides of shirts and taper them, then restitch them like originally? I'd like to keep it to a reasonable price.... $20 per shirt of under, if possible. I am not opposed to going to outer or ought either.... I live in Brooklyn anyway. I already know a good...
Into pants??? I think lots of questions could be answered by one's self if asked out loud or just experimented in private in front of the mirror. Of course if you're a hipster (or whatever group is now the "rebels"), then maybe you'll purposely going agsainst the grain.
Machine wash on delicate. Then hang dry. Complete over kill to dry clean. In fact, a delicate cycle with a nice non-harsh detergent and hang drying is just fine to do.
You're recommending his FIRST blazer be MTM??? He probably doesn't know his exact tastes to make commissioning one worth it. Of course it's worth it if he's about to pay $1000 for a blazer, but then again, when have we ever recommended a scenrio such as that?Op, shop a little and find a great fit at a good price.
Agreed... Shortening sleeves is fine. Shortening the jacket itself, No, don 't do it. Try Brooks Brothers for a similar fit. Big sale now.
I don't necessarily think you need to worry so much about half vs full canvas. For example, the polo RL jackets are half canvas and drape wonderfully (on me at least). My best advice is to try on many different brands whenever you get a chance and keep note of what fits best. "Slow and painful" but worth it in the long run. If you see a brand that fits well in the Buy/Sell section then you can confidently pull the trigger without trying it on again. That said, Polo...
All those "rules" are not rules. They are just what you wear if you happen to appreciate very high quality, sophisticated clothing. That doesn't mean it's appropriate for everyone/all situations. If you appreciate that level of craftsmanship, wear them on dry sunny days or to special events. Otherwise have an another nice pair with rubber soles. Plenty of nice, non clunky, aesthetically designed dress shoes with rubber. And by nice I mean what YOU find nice, not what...
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