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point missed.
seeing as he's done this for nothing more than goodwill, i'm pretty sure zissou is the one who should get the christmas card.
thais do the same thing.
mine was the same for the past +/- week. just saw that it was (finally) updated: Your item arrived at 6:22 am on December 08, 2011 in XXXXXX. seeing as i'm out of town, only a week to go before i lay eyes on it.
fit looks ok to me. what's your height/weight/chest size to put things into perspective.
fugly fashion watch.
you must be referring to the what are you wearing now/today thread regulars.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowlie ok so im prety new here. ive never seen rolled jeans before but alot of people seem to do it. so i was wondering about it. first when is it acceptable?? is it more casural or formal? what kind of jeans / shoes dose it work with? what kind of style dose it work with? do i need to buy extra long jeans ? and finaly how do i do it? thanks you don't say.
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