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please don't. we're giving honest advice. from the heart.
preferably with locally sourced organic virgin olive oil.if that's not possible, locally sourced organic butter will suffice. sweet, not salted.
wear them.
try before you buy.
are you a car salesman, or in advertising?
3a in the wild.
that's an optical illusion.
fair point.
unlike most, i found/find myself wondering if my (ever popular clerical gray) 3A was/is a tad too large. took some crappy pics to find out. for reference, i'm a 38 (5'9"/150) and i ordered the 40. it's a little longer than i expected, and tends to billow out on the side panels, but i have to remind myself that it's a cardigan, not a skiing sweater. rulers don't lie. big thanks to zissou for putting all of the time and effort into this.
finally laid hands on my 3a. while it looked small in the package, i was relieved that a 40 was actually roomy.
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