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while i'm not a nine to fiver, i would ignore the jeans advice. no clue why jeans are considered more casual than chinos. if this is for an office job, think inside of the box. wear the boring stuff: khakis, button down blue shirt, etc. dress as boring as possible. as far as the creases in your bushacres - no clue. next time spend the extra $20 and get proper desert boots.
Interview for what?
also went a full size down with my indys, unlike the half size down that i went with my GT's (which are OK but need an insert to keep them from feeling huge).
in my experience clarks DB run large.i'm a 9.5D on the brannock, but wear an 8.5 in DBs.I have a pair of AE elgins in 9D, and a pair of macneils that are 9.5D.
they stretch. as far as sizing, it depends on what you're going for.
define "cold weather."
very.six of one, half a dozen of the other.
have a pair. i'd say it's more of a paynes's a tad overexposed. they've been worn for about a month.
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