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Interview for what?
also went a full size down with my indys, unlike the half size down that i went with my GT's (which are OK but need an insert to keep them from feeling huge).
in my experience clarks DB run large.i'm a 9.5D on the brannock, but wear an 8.5 in DBs.I have a pair of AE elgins in 9D, and a pair of macneils that are 9.5D.
they stretch. as far as sizing, it depends on what you're going for.
define "cold weather."
very.six of one, half a dozen of the other.
have a pair. i'd say it's more of a paynes gray.here's a tad overexposed. they've been worn for about a month.
it is when idiots ask a question that's been answered 1,000 times already.
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